Can a larimar pendant be worn in the sun?

Cora Satterfield asked a question: Can a larimar pendant be worn in the sun?
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  • However, due to larimar’s photosensitive nature, wearing it as jewellery can damage it relatively quickly, especially if you spend a lot of time in the sun. If you are wearing a larimar pendant, tuck it under your shirt when you are in the sunlight whenever possible to help it preserve its bright blue colour.


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When it comes to diamonds, it is important to know when to wear them and when to leave them in your jewellery box. Though diamonds can be worn even on a daily basis, they are not ideally suited to all occasions.

✨ Can diamonds be worn everyday?

Diamonds are among the hardest substances on earth. Yet, they can be damaged if you do not take good care of them. Diamond jewellery, when worn constantly, can accumulate dust and grime and become dull. Diamonds may also get scratched or the stones can work loose from the settings.

✨ Can gold be worn everyday?

Daily Wearing Tips

Gold is a soft metal: while gold has a shine and a luster all its own, it's also a soft metal. This makes is susceptible to dings, scratches, and dents. Be mindful of your gold rings, watches, and bracelets while you wear them and remove them while playing any high-contact sports.

✨ Can larimar be in the sun?

Larimar is easily identifiable by it's unique visual appearance. Due to oxidation, it might have some traces of red and brown colors in the stone… They are sensitive to sunlight and hence they fade out their natural colors after a prolonged exposure to sunlight.

✨ Can malachite be worn everyday?

Malachite Jewelry

Because of its relative softness as a gemstone, malachite is not ideal for daily wear. Malachite can be made into most types of jewelry but care must be taken when wearing malachite rings and bracelets as these are high exposure areas and damage to the gemstone is more probable.

✨ Can peridot be worn daily?

The hardness and toughness of peridot makes it pretty safe to wear every day, although it is best suited for pendants and earrings where they won't take a direct hit like a ring would. Wearing peridot in rings is fine, you just should be more careful and cautious with them.

✨ Can tanzanite be worn everyday?

Tanzanite is not a gem that should break easily but it can scratch more easily than harder coloured gems like Ruby and Sapphire… When worn, pendants are much more protected than rings, so Tanzanites are fine to wear every day as a pendent.

✨ Can topaz be worn everyday?

Ranked 8 out of 10 on the Mohs scale, topaz is suitable for every day wear, but is susceptible to damage from a hard strike or blow.

✨ Can we wear gemstone as pendant?

The ascendant lord Gemstone can always be worn in the neck as pendant touching the thymus gland area. Wearing Gemstone in the neck as pendant is also good in cases of healing of diseases, health ailments, boosting immunity etc.

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  • If you cannot find a dioptase pendant, but have acquired a couple of small pieces or tumbled stones, you can “DIY” a pendant by wrapping a small piece of gold wire around the stone and suspending that from a cord or chain. Due to its high copper content, dioptase plays nicely with other copper-based stones, like azurite, malachite, and chrysocolla.
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How much does it cost to get a larimar pendant?
  • Larimar pendants may be found at a minimum of $20 apiece, but you will typically pay $40 and above for pendants or flat, penny-sized pieces. Larger pieces of high quality will cost several hundred dollars.
Is it ok to let your larimar gemstone dry in the sun?
  • It is best not to let your Larimar gemstone dry in the sun as long exposure can lead to fading. Larimar is a rare and beautiful gemstone and this is reflected in the price. It has only one source and this source is deep in the mountainous jungles of the Dominican Republic where miners dig them by hand in hot humid conditions.
Is larimar safe in the sun?

– Larimar does not easily scratch; however, to keep the beauty of the stone, avoid bumping or scratching it. – Avoid prolonged sun exposure, temperatures over 37 grades Celsius and salt waters. – It is recommendable, if possible, to clean your Larimar jewel after wearing it to avoid body oil and dirt accumulation.

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