Does helzberg diamonds buy back jewelry?

Jarvis Greenfelder asked a question: Does helzberg diamonds buy back jewelry?
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  • Jewelry exchanges and returns may be made within 30 days of purchase providing merchandise is in unaltered. Does helzberg buy back rings? Simply take your purchase to any Helzberg Diamonds store. All purchases made in one of our store locations must be returned to the nearest store location.

We want you to feel the love with your Helzberg Diamonds purchase. So if you're not satisfied with your purchase, we'll happily offer a refund or exchange within 30 days of purchase.


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✨ What to do with a helzberg diamond ring?

  • Trade in the Helzberg Diamonds jewelry you no longer wear and upgrade to a new piece. Work with a designer to update a family heirloom or design an engagement ring. Get a detailed appraisal from an independent, certified jewelry appraiser.

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Thereof, can you return jewelry to helzberg? Returns/exchanges for product purchased at a Helzberg Diamonds Outlet location will only be accepted at Helzberg Diamonds Outlet locations. Outlet jewelry exchanges and returns may be made within 30 days of purchase, providing that the merchandise is in unaltered, as-purchased condition.

Your jewelry is very special to you. Let us help you keep it that way. Learn More. TRADE-IN POLICY. Trade in the Helzberg Diamonds jewelry you no longer wear and upgrade to a new piece. Learn More. CUSTOM DESIGN SHOWS. Work with a designer to update a family heirloom or design an engagement ring. Learn More.

The Helzberg Diamonds Jewelry Guarantee is our promise to stand behind the quality of your jewelry purchase. We believe in the quality of our product, and if you’re not satisfied you can return your purchase in-store or online within 30 days of original purchase date, providing that the merchandise is in unworn, new condition.

Celebrate your birth month or your fave gem of the moment. Reg. $299.99. shop now. For more details on this promotion, review our promotional offer details page. Shop now and pay over time. Apply for a Helzberg Diamonds Credit Card to finance any qualifying item for 36 months with 9.99% APR.

Since its inception in 1915, Helzberg Diamonds has catered to a variety of customers with its wide array of jewelry. Selling your Helzberg jewelry through WP Diamonds is an easy, secure process. Press the “Get Your Offer” button above to fill out the online form and an expert will be in touch with you shortly with an initial price.

Helzberg Jewelers just recently started a gold buying program called “Helzberg diamonds gold purchase program” (their official jewelry store name is “Helzberg Diamonds“, they aren’t actually buying diamonds with this program).

At Helzberg Diamonds®, we speak diamond. And we have for more than 100 years. Our Fort Worth jewelry store has everything you need, from engagement rings, wedding bands, men’s and women’s jewelry, gift ideas, and more! Look no further than your nearest Helzberg Diamonds jewelry store for the latest in jewelry fashion.

On October 25th, 2008 Helzberg was having a jewelry show and I purchased a 2 K princess cut diamond for $10, 000 and a mounting for $3, 000. The next day we noticed a spot in the center of the diamond and returned to the store where they showed us 2 yellow diamonds that we could trade it for.

NEVER SHOP WITH HELZBERG JEWELERS!!! Mislead to shop with Helberg in 2 ways! In 2009, I purchased a diamond ring - 3 stones. I was told if I were to spend my money with Helzberg - I could upgrade & trade in my ring anytime and receive the full amount I purchased it for. I called back in June of 2011 & was told, "Yes.

Our diamond trade-in and upgrade services allow you to take any diamond jewelry purchased at Jared (excluding lab-created diamonds) you no longer wear and trade it in for a brand new jewelry item. You will get the same service, quality and exceptional value you've come to expect as a guest at Jared.

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