Hiking diamond head...sunrise or sunset?

Mason Runolfsdottir asked a question: Hiking diamond head...sunrise or sunset?
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Video answer: Hiking diamond head crater - the traveling tacos - watching the sun rise over honolulu, hawaii

Hiking diamond head crater - the traveling tacos - watching the sun rise over honolulu, hawaii

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One of the best times to climb Diamond Head is for sunrise, when temperatures are still relatively cool and the sun shines from behind your back on the crescent of Waikiki Beach far below. For good reason, that's also one of the busiest times of day—the trails fill up with coach tourists.


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Is the Diamond Head Trail worth it? If you're a hard core hiker I would say no. If you like a quiet trail with very few people, I would also say no. I'm not saying everyone won't enjoy the view at the top, but some might not find the battle to get there through the throngs of people worth it.

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Video answer: Full hike (no map/stabilization): diamond head overlooking waikīkī & honolulu in hawaiʻi

Full hike (no map/stabilization): diamond head overlooking waikīkī & honolulu in hawaiʻi

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Save. You won't be able to see either from the top of Diamond Head in September. Sunrise in early September will be about 6:16am. Sunset in early September will be about 6:45pm. The park is open from 6am -6pm. It takes 1/2 hour to hike from the trailhead inside the crater.

The Diamond Head sunrise hike is a classic, must-do activity while you’re on the Hawaiian island of Oahu. It’s a very popular, short hike that draws people from all sorts of backgrounds for the incredible view and scenery. I even saw a proposal happen up there once and it was a very fitting setting. 💍👰🌅

Answer 1 of 7: I know both will be equally spectacular, but when would be the best time to go? I'll be there early September. Also, as we'll be relying on public transport, how is the best way to get there? Are there any buses that take you to the...

However, Diamond Head is in a state park and doesn’t open until 6AM, so we had to wait until the sunrise was long enough after 6 that we could enter and hike up for the best views. That is the real reason why we put this hike off for so long!

If you are in shape you can get to the top of Diamond Head in 15-20 minutes. On Wednesday the sunrise in Honolulu will be about 6:20 am. The gates open at 6:00 am. I've been to Diamond Head a few times for the 6 am opening. You will not have time to get in and up to the peak by sunrise. Things not yet considered here:

By the way, sunset should be almost straight east this time of the year. Depending if it is somewhat ESE or straight east, you may be watching the sunrise over Koko Head. But I think from Diamond Head Road, you may see the sunrise over the water. It will be close though. either way, you'll see the colors of the sunrise.

DIAMOND HEAD, HAWAII, FEBRUARY 26, 2018: Hikers crowd the summit of the popular Diamond Head Hiking Trail near Waikiki Oahu Hawaii Diamond Head Sunrise at Dawn. Dawn view of sunrise from the summit of the Diamond Head hike on Oahu Hawaii

The unique profile of Diamond Head (Lē‘ahi) sits prominently near the eastern edge of Waikiki’s coastline. Hawaii’s most recognized landmark is known for its historic hiking trail, stunning coastal views, and military history. Diamond Head State Monument encompasses over 475 acres, including the interior and outer slopes of the crater.

The earliest sunset was 5:48 PM in late November and early December, probably too late to see it and make it to the gate before they lock it. The latest sunset was 7:18 PM in late June and early July. Remember, the tunnel gate doesn't open until 6 AM and it closes at 6 PM. The public is not allowed in the park when the tunnel gate is closed.

You can choose from a range of Diamond Head tours, from sunset tours on electric scooters, bike tours and audio hiking tours, to guided group tours taking you to other attractions such as Waimea Waterfall and hop-on, hop-off tours covering Honolulu, Pearl Harbor and Waikiki. What time does Diamond Head open? The park is open from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m.

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How Diamond Head Got Its Name The name of Diamond Head became famous in the 1820’s when crews from British ships discovered calcite crystals on the crater. Because they believed they were diamonds, they named the famous volcano what it’s currently known as.

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Hawaii vlog - part 1 (diamond head, kailua market, waikiki, hawaiian airlines, north shore)