How do i know if my jewelry has nickel?

River Murazik asked a question: How do i know if my jewelry has nickel?
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To tell if you're allergic, you can test the jewelry for nickel. If it contains it, that is likely what is triggering your rash, as this common allergy affects an estimated 40 million North Americans. A nickel spot test can be purchased online. Simply put a drop of the test solution on a cotton swab and rub the metal.


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There is no simple way to tell if jewelry contains cadmium or not just by looking at it. Buying jewelry that is made locally or its metal content verified by the retailer can reduce the risk of cadmium exposure. Non-metal decorative items such as ceramic, leather, plastic, or fiber can be worn instead.

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Complement the Neckline

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  • It has been used in jewelry for around 2,000 years. Today it remains one of the lesser-known gemstones, but for those who do know about it, they can enjoy some gorgeous jewelry that is totally unique.

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Is it illegal to wear jewelry with nickel in it?
  • You clearly have cause to believe the problem is an allergic response to stainless steel or nickel. If this is the case, the only treatment is to avoid nickel-containing jewelry. It is now illegal to sell nickel containing jewelry in Europe, but that isn't the case in the USA.
Is nickel a stone or gem?

Niccolite (nickel arsenide) belongs to the nickeline group. Of these minerals, only it and (much more rarely) breithauptite occasionally find their way into jewelry as cut pieces. The term “nickeline” is also used synonymously for the gemstone niccolite itself.

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Why is nickel used in jewellery?

Nickel, lead and cadmium

Lead is a heavy metal that has often been used in jewellery, to make the article heavier, brighten colours, and to stabilise or soften plastic. But lead is a toxic metal, which doesn't break down in the environment and accumulates in the human body.