How do you know if you have mikimoto pearls?

Pattie Fritsch asked a question: How do you know if you have mikimoto pearls?
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How do I know that my pearl jewelry is authentic Mikimoto? Mikimoto jewelry is identified by the Mikimoto trademark, showing as the outline of an oyster or the engraving of the Mikimoto name. On necklaces and bracelets, look on the back of the clasp.


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  2. Luster is vitreous to pearly.
  3. Transparency crystals are transparent to translucent.
  4. Crystal System is monoclinic; 2/m.
  5. Crystal Habits include tabular to prismatic crystals with a prominant pinacoid termination.

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✨ What does a gift of pearls mean?

What's the Meaning of a Pearl Gift? ... Traditionally, pearls have symbolized everlasting love, loyalty and wisdom. They also represent new beginnings and a fresh start. Because of their quintessentially white color, pearls also represent purity, loyalty and innocence which are traits associated with the color white.

✨ What does cast pearls before swine mean?

  • Cast Pearls Before Swine Meaning Definition: To give or show something valuable to people who won’t or can’t appreciate it. Usually, people use this expression in its negative form, don’t cast your pearls before swine. Origin of Cast Pearls Before Swine

✨ What does it mean to have black pearls?

  • Black pearls have always symbolized wealth and prosperity. This might have stemmed from the fact that black pearls in nature are incredibly rare, therefore owning one would have been a luxury. Although today black pearls are much more affordable due to Tahitian pearl cultivation and pearl color treatments, the association with wealth still remains.

✨ What is the best brand of pearls?

Mikimoto is one of the finest producers of Akoya pearls in the world and is widely recognized as the most prestigious pearl retailer in the industry. While Mikimoto's reputation for providing its clients with top-quality pearls is irrefutable, they also charge a considerable premium for their Mikimoto brand.

✨ What is the best grade of pearls?

  • AAA: Nearly flawless pearls with a high luster and a surface that's 95 percent free of defects.
  • AA: High luster with a surface that's 75 percent free of defects.
  • A: Lower luster and defects on more than 25 percent of the surface.

✨ What is the highest grade of pearls?

  • AAA: Nearly flawless pearls with a high luster and a surface that's 95 percent free of defects.
  • AA: High luster with a surface that's 75 percent free of defects.
  • A: Lower luster and defects on more than 25 percent of the surface.

✨ What is the size of tahitian pearls?

  • Exotic black Tahitian pearls are naturally larger-sized pearls, ranging from 8.0-9.0mm up to 15.0-16.0mm and larger. The most common and popular size range is from 9.0-10.0mm up through 13.0mm.

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How do you know if the pearls you have are Mikimoto? How do find out if they are authentic? Watch our quick tips to help you answer these questions.

Look at the clasp of the necklace, bracelet or earrings for the Mikimoto trademark (the letter M). Inquire about the grade of the Mikimoto pearl. Because there are four Mikimoto grades, if the pearls in question do not fall under one of them you know they are not real Mikimoto pearls. Find out if they are AAA, AA, +A or A.

“My dream is to adorn the necks of all the women around the world with pearls.” – Kokichi Mikimoto Say the name “Mikimoto” and you conjure up images of gorgeous, lustrous white pearls demurely wrapped around a graceful neck. We think glamour. We think opulence. Indeed, today the name of Mikimoto is synonymous with luxury in the pearl industry … and for pearl lovers spanning the globe. Even with this high-profile reputation, we still field many questions about the Mikimoto Pearl ...

Look at the pearls themselves. Are they chalk white? Look at the pearls by the drill holes, is the nacre chipped in any way? Mikimoto pearls are a creamy white with a very high lustre and a pink overtone. There was a time that Mikimoto had sterling clasps, and in the 1968 era, there were sterling clasps but the clasps always had the signature logo. Some had the little pearl on them, some did not. Usually the original box from this time period has "Ginza Tokyo" or something like ...

Mikimoto necklaces and bracelets are also fitted with a signature "M" charm. On earrings, see the post, earring nuts or back of pieces. Look inside the shank of rings, on the back of a pendant's bail and on the underside of a brooch. All Mikimoto pieces, with the exception of Pearls in Motion will have this identification.

As the clasp is the only place in a strand or bracelet where the Mikimoto trademark is engraved, it is not possible to appraise a strand or a bracelet as genuine Mikimoto without it. Earrings: on post, earring nuts or back of earrings. Rings: inside the shank.

Please take some photos on a white paper towel in indirect daylight. Getting some good close-up shots will help us to tell you what you have. Use the macro setting on your camera (little flower) or get someone to help you take some photos when you get a chance. I would not have them restrung until you know if they are real.

You can always identify Mikimoto jewellery by our trademark, which is either the outline of an oyster or the Mikimoto name engraved on every jewel. This engraved mark can be found in the following locations: Necklaces and bracelets: back of clasp. They are also fitted with a signature M charm.

An important factor to look out for is the thickness of the nacre as this determines the pearl's luster. Only the Akoya cultured pearls with the highest quality and luster can be bestowed with the name “Mikimoto Pearl.”.

If you can, check the weight against pearls you know are real, and compare the difference. There are so many convincing counterfeit pearls on the market that it can often be quite difficult to tell the difference between a fake and the real thing. However, if you combine the abovementioned methods, you’re likely to be able to make a more informed assessment and be able to tell which pearls ...

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