How do you take care of copper jewelry?

Reynold Schroeder asked a question: How do you take care of copper jewelry?
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Oxidising copper jewellery and after care.

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Our copper jewelry is natural and untreated. Keep your copper jewelry clean by occasionally washing it with lukewarm, soapy water. Then, dry and polish with a soft cloth. You can also use a soft cloth to gently polish your jewelry using a polish.


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  • Malachite is a green, very common secondary copper mineral with a widely variable habit. Typically it is found as crystalline aggregates or crusts, often ... Log InRegister

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Easiest way to clean copper without damaging its polished finish

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Be sure to remove any copper jewelry before you wash your hands, do any cleaning or go swimming. The moisture will cause the copper to tarnish. Remove the copper pieces before you apply any hand cream, lotions or perfume. The chemicals in these products can damage the copper.

If your copper should tarnish, as copper naturally does, you can clean your jewelry using one of the following methods to restore its original shine: Use table salt and vinegar - pour salt and vinegar over your jewelry and gently rub into the jewelry until any grime or... Use salt and lemon - pour ...

Pour vinegar into a glass or plastic bowl and submerge your copper jewelry in the vinegar. Add some salt for a deeper clean and leave the copper to soak for 15 to 20 minutes. When you take it out, your copper should be sparkling! Give it a good rinse to wash off all the vinegar and then dry it with a soft cloth.

To get into nooks and crannies, use a toothbrush to scrub your copper jewelry. When using ketchup, copper jewelry may come out shinier if you let the ketchup rest on the jewelry for a few minutes.

In general, non-lacquered copper jewelry can be cleaned well with mildly acidic substances such as lemon juice or vinegar. Important: Avoid applying lemon juice, vinegar, or any other cleaning substances to gemstones in your bracelet, as they may get damaged. Be especially careful with pearls.

Just use a dry cloth to wipe gently the dirt off the item, and then clean the hard-to-reach spots with a soft brush. Before polishing your bronze jewelry, make sure it is completely dry. Apply a thin layer of paste wax on the surface of the piece (you can use a clean paintbrush).

Regular maintenance of your copper jewelry will ensure it sparkles and remains beautiful for a long time. Wash with warm soapy water and dry with a soft cloth. Don’t use abrasive materials to handle your copper jewelry. Use a commercial polish or even car wax to give your copper jewelry that extra shine.

Every after use, clean your plated jewelry with a cotton ball or a very soft cloth to remove any dust and dirt it has acquired. Gently rubbing the surface of your gold plated jewelry using a soft jewelry cloth also helps restore shine. If your jewelry needs more cleaning you may clean it with warm, soapy water. Soak it for a few minutes and you may clean it with a soft brush.

In this video, I show you five easy copper patinas, ranging from dark to vibrant blue. Here are the patina recipes covered: - Ammonia, Vinegar & Salt - Vineg...

Hold the jewelry under lukewarm running water for a minute to rinse off the soapy water. Dry the jewelry immediately with a paper towel to avoid water stains or mineral deposits from the water. Rub the jewelry very softly with a polishing cloth that is made for polishing gold. This is to restore the shine of the gold.

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Where does dioptase occur in a copper mine?
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  • These stones generated great excitement and prices soon went over $20K per carat. Soon after the original discovery, similar tourmalines were found in Brazil’s Rio Grande Do Norte state, just north of Paraíba state. This new find was also described as “paraíba tourmaline.” In 2001, more copper colored tourmalines were discovered in Nigeria.

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