How do you take professional pictures of jewelry at home?

Darren Harvey asked a question: How do you take professional pictures of jewelry at home?
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The best way to photograph jewelry is with a mirrorless, DSLR camera. You'll need a tripod to avoid camera shake, and to make sure your jewelry is lit evenly and consistently. Set your camera to the correct aperture and make sure your product is in focus. Then take the photo.


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If you want to fix the phone, set up its camera and just click on the button to take photos only changing the jewelry, get a tripod. If you want it just to hold your phone tightly, then you do not need something special, take a medium-sized tripod, like Tripod for smartphones from UBeesize. Use a dedicated app. You can take photos on the built-in application in your phone, but the best choice is to download an application that allows you to regulate each characteristic of your camera ...

JEWELRY PHOTOGRAPHY - how I take jewelry photos at home. Product photography for Etsy - YouTube.

Photographing jewelry is a very interesting activity in the world of photo art. It affects several areas with a single shot: subject and macro shooting. Once you have learned how to take pictures of jewelry, it is better to start making money by selling images.

As long as you’ve already gained ample experience in shooting in Manual Mode on your digital camera, you can start taking more impressive photos of jewelry with the tips below. 1) Choose the Right Camera. Any camera can work well for jewelry photography, as long as you can manually adjust the aperture and shutter speed and shoot in RAW.

Position the two lights to the sides of the EZcube to diffuse the light and eliminate glare. These lights provide the main light source for the piece of jewelry. Be sure the lights are actually positioned so that they are lighting your jewelry. Try moving the lights around to find a position that flatters your piece.

It does not need to be an expensive one, especially if you are only planning to use it for indoor or limited outdoor, fairly short jewelry photo shoots. If you are shooting close up shots or are at difficult angles for using a tripod, create your own tripod. Lean your elbows against something or tuck your arms against your body. 3.

Another key to a sharp image is a tripod. It is absolutely essential to use a tripod or similar camera support when shooting jewelry. A sturdy tripod is better than a flimsy one, but any tripod is many times better than no tripod. Use a tripod. Another key to good jewelry photography is the lighting.

How to photograph jewelry. Now that you’ve got your gear, let’s walk through how to photograph your jewelry and get it ready for your ecommerce store. Set up your table; Position your lighting; Style your jewelry; Prepare your jewelry; Set your camera; Take the photo; Retouch and finalize; Set up your table. Find the space you want to call your photo studio.

The image of the rings required the most amount of work in Photoshop, purely because of the focus stack. To focus stack a series of images in Photoshop is fairly straightforward, the software does most of the hard work for you. To start, open the files in Photoshop. From the ‘File’ tab, select ‘Scripts’ and ‘Load Files into Stack’.

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