How long does it take to recover bisbee turquoise?

Quentin Kshlerin asked a question: How long does it take to recover bisbee turquoise?
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  • Bob and his associates worked the dumps hard for approximately two years to recover less than 2,000 pounds of good to excellent quality Bisbee Turquoise. Due to mining restrictions and the cost of recovering the Bisbee Turquoise from the dumps, mining slowed down and ended by 1980.


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✨ How much is bisbee turquoise per carat?

Bisbee of this grade you find on the market ranging from $20 to $40 a carat, well lets say at our price it will be a great return on investment if you decide to cut it up.

✨ How much is bisbee turquoise worth?

How much is turquoise worth per gram? Average quality turquoise cabochons are typically sold at a price of three to five dollars per carat, which amounts to $15 to $25 per gram. However, rarer turquoise, such as Lander Blue Spider Web, can sell for $300 per carat or $1,500 per gram!

✨ Is there a turquoise mine in bisbee az?

  • The Bisbee Mine in Bisbee, Arizona is one of the most diverse mineral rich mines on Earth, from various types of Crystals to a wide variation of green to blue Gemstones, including Turquoise. We actually have examples of Bisbee Turquoise with crystal formations next to the Turquoise.

✨ Is there such a thing as bisbee turquoise?

  • Bisbee Turquoise is some of the finest Arizona Turquoise and there is no Turquoise on earth that is comparible to Bisbee Turquoise, as it has it's own unusual charicteristics that are unique only to itself.

✨ What is bisbee ii turquoise?

Bisbee turquoise is perhaps one of the most valued and best types of turquoise ever produced. Having only ever been actively mined by one independent miner for a short 2 year period from 1972-1974, the turquoise is primarily a by-product of the large copper mining operation owned by the Phelps-Dodge company.

✨ What is bisbee turquoise worth?

Bisbee of this grade you find on the market ranging from $20 to $40 a carat, well lets say at our price it will be a great return on investment if you decide to cut it up. If not, it is like the amazing pieces of handmade art you find this stone in, a piece to admire and appreciate.

✨ What is the rarest bisbee turquoise?

  • The stone on the left is a Red Spiderweb in deep blue Bisbee Turquoise Cabochon, this is the rarest and most valuable of all Bisbee Turquoise. The stone on the right is a good example of a light blue Smoky Bisbee Turquoise Cabochon. This beauty was hand cut by Dillon Hartman.

✨ What kind of color is bisbee turquoise stone?

  • Bisbee turquoise has developed a reputation as a hard, finely webbed or dendrite, high blue stone, known for its “chocolate brown” matrix. Bisbee Turquoise also comes in a beautiful green color.

✨ What kind of turquoise is in the bisbee mine?

  • But because of the mines large size, turquoise can also be dark blue or a light green. A light green Kingman turquoise stone with brown webbing. Similar to the Bisbee mine, the Morenci owners failed to see the value in turquoise.

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When was the bisbee turquoise mine in arizona discovered?
  • Bisbee turquoise was originally discovered in the 1950’s while workers were open pit mining for copper. The Bisbee turquoise mine is one of the few most famous turquoise mines in Arizona.
Where does the turquoise in bisbee come from?
  • Bisbee turquoise is a significant by-product of the huge Lavender Pit copper mine, which is now closed. With some of the finest turquoise coming from the section of the copper mine known as the “Lavender Pit,” where for years copper miners would bring out fine turquoise in their lunch boxes.
Where is the bisbee turquoise mine?

Bisbee Blue or Bisbee turquoise refers to the turquoise that comes from copper mines located in the vicinity of Bisbee, Arizona.

Where is the turquoise mine in bisbee az?
  • To see what the turquoise area of the Bisbee Mine looks like, click HERE! Living just 100 miles Northeast of Bisbee, Arizona, we visit the mining community frequently. We know many of the locals, and purchase old stashes of authentic Turquoise from Bisbee, Arizona.
Who was the legal miner of bisbee turquoise?
  • During this time, Phelps Dodge leases out the dumps to Bob Matthews. Matthews is the only legal miner of the Bisbee turquoise in history and the major source for the turquoise. Matthews sold large lots to the famous artists and traders.
Why is bisbee turquoise so expensive?

Prices on collectible turquoise can be sky-high because many come from so-called Nevada hat mines. “Lander Blue because of its rarity is what we call a Nevada hat mine—that means you can almost put everything you mined in a hat,” says Joe Tanner, owner of Tanner's Indian Arts in Gallup, N.M.