How much does a jargoon cost in the iraq?

Keara Parisian asked a question: How much does a jargoon cost in the iraq?
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How much would the Iraq War cost the United States?

  • Even if the U.S. administration decided to leave — or was evicted from — Iraq immediately, the bill of war to the U.S. to date would be an estimated $1.922 trillion in current dollars.


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Iraq is not just a rich country with their oil reserves , shale gas and natural gas potential but its geological and structural development of Iraq had provided a favourable conditions for formation of various range of minerals both (metallic and non metallic) wealth that known to exist in various regions across Iraq.

✨ What are the minerals in iraq?

In addition to above there are salt mines, industry minerals (such as gypsum, limestone, dolomite and marble) enormous proven reserves of 95% quartz sand (SIO2) which has great potential for solar energy industry to be developed, and heavy mineral sand, bauxite, ironstones, Glauberite, Celestine, Porcelanite (Opal) ...

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✨ What is a jargoon in english?

: a colorless, pale yellow, or smoky zircon.

✨ What is the major mineral in iraq?

Besides being a chief producer of natural gas and crude oil, the country also produced small quantities of sulfur, cement, bauxite, clays, limestone, gypsum, bentonite, salt and kaolin.

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