How much does diamond resorts pay?

Carmen Watsica asked a question: How much does diamond resorts pay?
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Diamond Resorts Salaries

Job TitleSalary
Sales Representative salaries - 14 salaries reported$11/hr
Club Agent salaries - 11 salaries reported$13/hr
Customer Service Representative salaries - 9 salaries reported$13/hr
Activities Coordinator salaries - 7 salaries reported$11/hr


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✨ Is it safe to vacation at diamond resorts?

  • At Diamond Resorts, the safety of our members, owners, guests and team members is always our top priority. As the situation around the new coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to evolve, we want to assure everyone that our teams are taking steps to make vacationing with us as safe as possible.

✨ What is a diamond file exactly?

It's called a diamond file because the abrasive particles are exactly that, finely powdered diamond. By definition, the nail IS scratched and destroyed by the file, otherwise it would look the same after you use it and nothing would happen.

✨ What is a diamond specialist called?

  • A Certified Gemologist has taken advanced studies in diamonds and colored gemstones. A CG also demonstrates mastery of diamond, gemstone, and precious metal testing procedures.

✨ What is a five diamond hotel?

A Five Diamond resort provides ultimate luxury, sophistication, and comfort with extraordinary physical attributes, meticulous personalized service, extensive amenities and impeccable standards of excellence.

✨ What is a k color diamond?

  • By default, when a diamond is graded and listed as a K in the GIA certificate, the diamond has a yellow undertone (the most common hue). Sometimes, you may actually come across diamonds with grading reports that list color as “K, Faint Brown” and this means that the diamond has a brownish undertone.

✨ What is a new york diamond?

  • The New York Diamond District. The two diamond pylons at the entrance of West 47th Street and Fifth Avenue signify that you are about to enter the world famous Diamond District, located in the heart of New York City. This single block is considered by many to be the jewelry mecca of the world.

✨ What is a perfect diamond called?

A diamond's "color" is designated using the alphabetic characters D to Z to rate their level of yellowish tint. Easily visible yellowish tints are rated S to Z, with Z being the darkest, even though all of them are called, "Light Yellow."

✨ What is a tapered baguette diamond?

  • A Tapered Baguette diamond is a beautiful way to add extra shine to a ring without taking away from the center stone. In this Three-Stone Tapered Baguette setting two Baguettes sit alongside a Round Cut diamond, drawing attention to the diamond at the center.

✨ What is a triple x diamond?

A diamond that has been graded by GIA in three areas: for excellent cut, polish and symmetry. They are elite diamonds

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What is a type 2a diamond?
  • Type IIa (2A) diamonds are pure carbon diamonds that contain no measurable traces of elements, such as nitrogen or boron, in their chemical make-up and physical structure. Shop Store Collectibles
What is a vs1 diamond worth?
  • Just be sure that the diamond is eye-clean. The VVS1 diamond price ranges from $1,136 for a well-cut 0.50 Carat diamond to $17,132 for a 1.9 carat diamond and higher. Like any diamond, the price of a VVS diamond depends on the Cut, Color, Shape and Carat Weight. The “VVS1” designation just refers to the Clarity grade.
Who are the winners of the diamond resorts tournament of champions?
  • Ji Eun-hee won the inaugural event by two strokes over Mirim Lee. The celebrity division continues to be controlled by Mardy Fish and John Smoltz; the two have won three each. Note: 2020 tournament extended to five days because of darkness.
Who is the chief executive officer of diamond resorts?
  • Michael Flaskey — Chief Executive Officer. Mike Flaskey has more than 20 years of senior leadership experience in public and privately-held companies, with a key focus on growth-oriented companies within the vacation ownership industry.
Who is the parent company of diamond resorts?

Hilton Grand Vacations Inc. (HGV) has completed the previously announced acquisition of Diamond Resorts International Inc. from funds managed by affiliates of Apollo Global Management Inc., funds managed by affiliates of Reverence Capital Partners and other Diamond stockholders.

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