How much is the biggest opal worth?

Jed Leuschke asked a question: How much is the biggest opal worth?
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The largest and most valuable single piece of rough gem opal is the Olympic Australis, a 3.45-kilogram, 17,000-carat stone estimated to be worth about $1.9 million.


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✨ What are the best opal fields in the uk?

  • Some of the most prominent opal fields in this town are Winton and Quilpie. Within the sphere of boulder opal lays some types of opals that are worth the discussion:

✨ What is the most expensive opal in the world?

The Virgin Rainbow

This $1 million opal is the world's most expensive. It was discovered in 2003 by John Dunstan (who has been featured in the Outback Opal Hunters TV show) in the same opal fields as the Fire of Australia. Another interesting fact is it formed and was found within an ancient cuttlefish skeleton.

✨ What is the most expensive type of opal?

  • Fire of Australia. Considered the finest uncut opal, it is valued at close to $900,000…
  • The Virgin Rainbow. This $1 million opal is the world's most expensive
  • Aurora Australis…
  • The Queen…
  • Pride of Australia/Red Emperor…
  • The Flame Queen.

✨ What is the rarest opal in the world?

The Eternal Flame – The World's Rarest Opal

A mammoth 568 carats “The Eternal Flame” is the largest and most significant black crystal ever found. What makes it even rarer is its origin.

✨ What is the water content of an opal?

  • Gem grade opals usually have 6% to 10% water content. Opal is a sedimentary stone. Under the proper conditions, water percolates through the earth, becoming rich in dissolved silicates.

✨ What's the best way to buy an opal?

  • Pick a stone that appeals to you! Each stone has an individual personality, much like people, so nobody can tell you what your opal should look like. Red on black is most valuable, but if you like blue, go for a blue stone! Consider what you’re going to be using the stone for.

✨ Where are opal deposits found in the world?

  • Opal deposits are found in very old weathered profiles developed in sedimentary rocks of late Oligocene and early Miocene age. These profiles are for the most part concealed below surficial sand and soil cover and it is comparatively rare that outcrops containing precious opals occur.

✨ Where are opal nodules found in the world?

  • The opals found in Mezezo, South West from Shewa in the 1990’s had a reputation for chocolate opal nodules. In 2008 opals were commercially mined by a small groups of miners in the Welo region, this area have produced the most crystal opals. In 2013 another variety of opal was found at the Stayish mine in the Wollo province.

✨ Where are the opal mines in nevada located?

  • WELCOME to VIRGIN VALLEY OPAL MINES.... Located on the Sheldon National Wildlife Refuge near Denio in northwestern Nevada, Virgin Valley is home of America's best opal deposits that produce the world's brightest Black, Crystal, Fire, and other opal types. There are 3 (three) MSHA safe/compliant registered mines with pay-to-dig (fee dig)...

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Where can i find opal in the world?
  • Australia is the most famous source of opals with around 90% of the world's supplies originating there. Ethiopia has become a significant player in the Black Opal trade while Fire Opals are most often found in Mexico. What jewelry is Opal suitable for?
Where to buy the best opal in the world?
  • For high quality Opal Specimens, Petrified wood with Opal, and rare Black Precious Opal, look to WOODnOPAL ENTERPRISES. Whether you are looking for a Museum quality specimen, unique jewelry, or a spectacular rare piece to add to your collection, we have a selection that will interest  the most discriminating buyer.
Which is the best supplier of crushed opal?
  • The Opal Dealer is the #1 supplier of Crushed Opal in North America. We have over 40 colors of crushed opal to choose from such as blue opal, black opal, green opal, red opal, pink opal, white opal, and many more. When you buy from The Opal Dealer you can expect the best quality, customer service, and product knowledge there is.
Which is the most popular opal in africa?
  • Besides Ethiopia, another region in Africa where opals are mined is Tanzania. The most popular Tanzanian opal is Tanzanian Green Opals or Tanzanian Honey Opals. Did you know that green opals share a resemblance with Jade and is called as Prase opal? Green opals also have a great symbolic meaning related to money and success.
Which is the most valuable opal in australia?
  • The vast majority of all black Opal gemstones originate in Australia – NSW specifically. Of all the varieties, this gemstone is the most valuable. The color variations of black Opal include various shades of grey to pitch black. But there are many different tones, shades, hues and colors that are contained within black Opals.
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  • Discover Opal. Opal is a new and innovative renewable packaging company which is part of the Nippon Paper Group. With operations in Australia and New Zealand, Opal is one of Australasia’s leading packaging and paper companies and we directly employ more than 4,000 employees across our operations.