How to diy jewelry armoire?

Rylan Barrows asked a question: How to diy jewelry armoire?
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  • Cut out the door. Make the door the same width and length as the frame you have already built…
  • Paint the pieces of the armoire. It will be easier to paint or seal your jewelry armoire before you put the pieces together.
  • Put the door on the armoire…
  • Create a way for the armoire to be hung…
  • Put the organizational pieces in the armoire…


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✨ How to organize a jewelry armoire?

Reserve the top section and top drawer of your jewelry armoire for your favorite pieces and collections. Then, fill up the remaining drawers and swing out sides with your newly organized jewelry collection. There is usually one deeper drawer in a jewelry armoire, and you can reserve this one for chunky pieces and bangles.

✨ What is a freestanding jewelry armoire?

  • This freestanding jewelry armoire adds opulence to your bedroom while organizing your jewelry and other trinkets. It's made from solid and engineered wood and rests on four tapered legs for a nod to mid-century designs. This armoire features a hand-rubbed gold finish, mirrored inlays, and steel ring pulls for glam overload.

✨ How big is my wife's jewelry armoire?

  • This instructable describes a jewelry armoire/cabinet I made for my wife. It has 12 drawers (7 small, 5 large) with felt lined compartments, ring rolls, and 2 side doors with hooks for 36 necklaces. The final dimensions are 43" tall, 18" wide, and 12" deep.

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