How to sell your vintage costume jewelry?

Cayla Mohr asked a question: How to sell your vintage costume jewelry?
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  • If you're unsure, go and see an independent jeweller who specialises in costume jewellery and ask him to explain what you've got and if it's worth anything. If you decide the best way is to sell your costume jewellery online, take detailed photographs that display all the detail, including any scratches, missing stones or broken clasps.

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Part 1 of my beginner's guide to selling vintage costume jewelry on Ebay. This video is designed for men & women who have no clue when it comes to: what to b...

SELLING COSTUME JEWELLERY AT AUCTION. It’s usual to find collections of vintage costume jewellery at auction, but as with a lot of our advice, we suggest that you do your homework to avoid getting stung. Go to a few auction rooms and gauge the market value of your pieces.

Avoid them, because they won’t sell well. Instead, go for the better looking jewelry. It should be bright and shiny, covered in rhinestones, or signed by a maker. (And if you’ve got all three, you’re golden!)

What's the best place to sell costume jewelry online? In addition to your own website, there are plenty of marketplaces you can use to sell costume jewelry. The majority of these we've covered above, but here's a quick list: Etsy; eBay; Ruby Lane; ArtFire; Amazon; Bonanza; Zibbet; If you haven't already, check out these platforms!

How to Sell Old Jewelry Online: Worthy Makes it Simple. Get Your Free Estimate – Describe your diamond jewelry and worthy will show you the trending price of similar items to give you an idea of what you can get for it at auction. Schedule a FedEx pickup – Worthy will provide you with an insured FedEx shipping label.

Unless it has a tremendous provenance or value do not expect a very high return when selling vintage jewelry. 2 List the jewelry online. Create a listing for your jewelry on an auction website, free online classifieds website, or on a website that specializes in the sale of vintage or antique goods.

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Find an old box and start packing it with the items you’d like to sell. 2. Collection or drop off. Choose from a safe Parcelforce home collection, or drop to your local Post Office. Both are free, tracked and insured. 3. Fast cash offer. Our experts appraise your items and call you with a cash offer. Choose sameday bank transfer, or a cheque in the post.

We Buy and Sell Vintage Costume Jewelry. You may be surprised how much your old costume jewelry is worth. Free Confidentail Evaluations - we will explain what you have and pay you top dollar in cash. Shop our giant collection of name brand vintage pieces.

Eisenberg Originals Fur or Pin Clip. This pot metal piece fastens to a garment with a double-pronged clip known as a fur clip to collectors but found in patents noted as a pin clip. Value: $146.25 (Vintage Costume Jewelry Show - Austin, TX 10/06) -Pamela Wiggins.

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