Is 925 gold jewelry real?

Violette Walsh asked a question: Is 925 gold jewelry real?
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Again, “925 gold” doesn't actually exist. This hallmark only indicates the purity of the sterling silver base beneath the gold. Knowing this, you should be aware that gold jewelry with a 925 hallmark or stamp is typically going to be less valuable than solid gold jewelry.

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This type of metal is known as gold vermeil and is commonly used for beautiful costume jewelry. Some people will tell you that 925 on gold means that the item is made of 925/1000 parts gold or, to put it another way, is 92.5% gold. This is not true and is a misconception.

When you see 925 stamped on your gold jewelry, it means that the your gold jewelry is not actually gold-filled, it’s just gold-plated. 925 is a marking associated with sterling silver, meaning that the metal is 92.5% pure silver. As a more affordable option, jewelers offer silver with a gold plating over top (known as gold vermeil).

What Does a “925” Mark Mean When Stamped on Gold Jewelry? Many people think that a stamp reading “925” on gold jewelry means that the piece contains 925/1000 gold, or in other words, it has 92.5% gold content. However, this is not true. 92.5% is not a standard gold purity value, and it does not correspond to any commonly used karat number.

Well, if gold jewelry has a 925 stamp it means that the actual metal of the jewelry is sterling silver that’s plated in gold. To summarize: 925 gold is not solid gold, but is actually sterling silver with gold plating. If you’re specifically shopping for solid gold jewelry, a 925 stamp is an indication that you should not buy the piece.

Because it is not real gold, and it is in fact sterling silver merely coated in a gold outer layer. The “925” marking denotes the purity of the underlying silver core and has nothing to do with the outer gold layer, or gold plating.

Chances are you’re inspecting a piece of gold plated jewelry, which should be stamped with a 925 hallmark. There’s nothing wrong with buying gold plated jewelry, but it’s not solid gold and should be labeled accordingly. Bottom line: solid gold will not discolor. Lastly, evaluate the weight of the jewelry.

Real sterling silver jewelry will have markings such as “Ster,” “925” or “Sterling Silver” in a hidden area. If you don’t see such a marking, be wary of it immediately.

An imprint of the numbers “925” indicates that the jewelry piece contains 92.5% of pure silver. Other marks may be “Sterling Silver,” “Ster” or “Sterling.” Markings are normally found on larger parts of the jewelry piece where they can be engraved.

If you are able to smell a faint copper odor or a brassy smell, then there is a good chance that it is not real 925 silver. Another great tip to determine the authenticity of a piece is to rub the jewelry with a polishing cloth. If any black marks appear on the cloth upon doing this, then the jewelry is real.

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