Is cao a baryte?

Viola Ratke asked a question: Is cao a baryte?
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The percentage average values for the chemical oxides in the baryte samples were BaO (57.29wt%), SO3(25.99wt%), CaO(1.40wt%), MgO(0.40wt%), Fe2O3(3.46wt%), Al2O3(0.97wt%), Na2O(2.82wt%), K2O(0.30wt%) and SiO2(6.23wt%).


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✨ What kind of mineral is barium sulfate or baryte?

  • Baryte or barite (UK: /ˈbærʌɪt/, /ˈbɛəraɪt/) is a mineral consisting of barium sulfate (BaSO4).

✨ What kind of minerals are found in baryte?

  • Natural baryte formed under hydrothermal conditions may be associated with quartz or silica. In hydrothermal vents, the baryte-silica mineralisation can also be accompanied by precious metals.

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