Is gold layered worth anything?

Flo Koch asked a question: Is gold layered worth anything?
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If you have an object that is gold plated and you're looking to sell it to a gold buyer near you, you may be surprised to find out that the gold layer doesn't add any value to your object.

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Read these carefully. One example brought to the shop included the words “Guaranteed to be layered in .999% pure silver” which means that there is a thin layer of precious metal. Such a coin may be valuable to a collector interested in the subject matter, but it does not have much value in precious metal.

Although gild is made of real gold, the amount used for designing gold-plated jewelry is so little that it doesn’t worth much. During the creation process, jewelers add a thing gold layer over various metals. Such gold-plated jewelry is cheap, but its aesthetic effect is adorable.

A question that people ask is whether any jewelry with a label ‘gold’ is worth anything. The quick answer is yes; however, it depends on what type of gold you’re talking about. There is gold jewelry, gold plated, or gold filled. In this article, we are going to look at gold plated jewelry and answer whether it is worth anything.

To calculate pure gold content take 5% of 14/24 (for 14 out of 24 karats in pure gold) = 2.92% pure gold. Gold filled is not an alloy. It is a layered product with all the gold on the surface.

18K gold-plated jewelry is almost as good as the real thing but at a fraction of the price. It is elegant, looks good, it’s durable, and in cases of sterling silver bases with the best of 18k gold layers, the gold-plated jewelry will be totally worth your money. For more jewelry metal posts, please read here or here .

If you have an object that is gold plated and you’re looking to sell it to a gold buyer near you, you may be surprised to find out that the gold layer doesn’t add any value to your object. On the other hand, if you have an item that is gold filled or overlayed, then you’re in better luck.

Unfortunately gold plate is not worth anything for the gold plate material itself. Unless the material under the gold plate is sterling silver or some other valuable/precious metal, we will probably not be able to refine your item. Thanks for the question Sam! Comment by adminon February 27, 2015 at 3:10 pm

Just to set the record straight our product from Moggied’s manufacture applies gold @20 mils thick. Gold Layered: Moggied's 24kt Gold Layered jewellery is crafted from layers of Genuine 24kt GOLD which have been artfully bonded and layered onto an inner base of high quality jewellers metals. Several thick layers of genuine 14kt GOLD are then bonded on top so the jewelry then has the 14kt colour.

Gold layered stuff is kind of similar to gold-filled. It's a thicker layer of gold than plating gives you, so it shouldn't wear off over time theoretically. It's by no means as thick as gold-filled stuff, so it should be cheaper. 1

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