Is it safe to buy gold on etsy?

Liam Skiles asked a question: Is it safe to buy gold on etsy?
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Is Etsy Safe To Order From? The simplest answer is that Etsy is about as safe as other big online retailers such as Amazon and eBay. This means that while there are some bad actors on the platform the vast majority of them are reputable vendors with years-long practices and a lot of goodwill from their customers.

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If it is heavy and also a small size, it is most likely the real deal. Calculate Density – If you buy a 14 karat gold ring from Etsy, the density should be 13.1 grams per cubic cm (other calculations are online). Check for Tarnish or Rust – Gold does NOT tarnish or rust, as it is a precious metal.

It is actually etsy's fault. There attitributes put all the gold items in 1 category in search, If you put in GOLD FILLED in your search terms, You will get listings that say, gold plate,gold over silver and page 10 you might see gold filled. The search is terrible. My biggest pet peeve is sterling silver.

However, purchasing on Etsy is secure and the payment processing gateway that Etsy uses is well protected. Don’t hesitate to contact Etsy’s customer support for anything – they have a pretty active and customer-centered support personnel. Some vendors and artisans can work with the customer’s materials if the customer wants them to.

Tips for Buying Safely on Etsy. Here are some best practices to help ensure safe purchases on Etsy or on an Etsy-powered website. Overall, use your best judgment. If something seems shady or too good to be true, it’s best not to risk it.

Etsy is an online marketplace where people can sell things – handmade things, vintage things, anything, really. You do have to be careful – never forget that anyone can sign up to sell on Etsy, and you’ll never really know what you’re getting it until you hold it in your hand. A lot of the tips I gave for buying jewelry on Ebay also ...

Etsy Payments (Etsy’s checkout system) is absolutely secure and safe. In a nutshell, Etsy keeps records associated with transactions on Etsy Payments and does not give any secure data to the sellers. This means that your credit card or debit card numbers, or any other financial information, are kept safe and away from sellers.

Shop Etsy, the place to express your creativity through the buying and selling of handmade and vintage goods.

Love Etsy! Buy from someone who has lots of good feedback. 1 Share Report Save level 1 Op · 4y Its from a seller Called Zapalkowo. If anyone knows if he is safe to buy from let me know alot of the reviews seem copied and 1 5 ...

When questioning, “Is Etsy safe?” or “Is Etsy legit?” our Etsy review takes into consideration the ways in which a buyer can make a payment and if there is buyer protection in place. Buyers do not want to get caught in Etsy scams with their money, so we will take a look at the security of buying through Etsy.

Only 10% of jewelry is sold online. Mostly under a few hundred dollars where people are willing to take a chance, with the exception of Bluenile .com, James Allen & a couple of others that sell diamonds, but are still a very small

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