Is it safe to buy real diamonds online?

Hayley Lang asked a question: Is it safe to buy real diamonds online?
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Video answer: Diamond shopping 101- diamond buying guide on how to buy diamonds online.

Diamond shopping 101- diamond buying guide on how to buy diamonds online.

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Absolutely! But only if you buy from a reputable vendor. Now, the high cost of an engagement ring can make some people nervous about buying diamonds online and that's perfectly normal. Just as there are risks to buying a diamond ring in a physical store, there are also risks to shopping online.

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Thanks for sharing information to know whether buying diamond online is safe or not. It’s quite essential to know everything about the diamond vender befor buying loose diamonds. GIA certification of the diamonds is must before buying diamond online.

When shopping online, make sure you know exactly what you are buying. Some sites show diamonds with a range in carat weight, color or clarity. To ensure you know the value of the stone you’re purchasing, look for specifics on its 4Cs, not a range. Diamond Buying Guide Infographic

Some people are nervous about buying diamonds online, but there are several reputable vendors that make online ring shopping a safe choice. For example, James Allen and Blue Nile have exceptional imagery that allows you to view every diamond up close before purchase.

Is it safe to buy a diamond online? The answer is very simple - Yes and No. If you take the basic safety measures then you should be safe (just like in the stores). Otherwise, your shopping experience will be subjected to luck. Learn the Basics - Buying a diamond is far from being simple. For most, it is a delicate subject which involves lots of emotions and a great deal of money. While most people think that the diamond industry is very simple and all you need to know are the four C's, the ...

How safe is it to buy diamonds online? As part of its public-benefit mission, GIA often publishes advice on gem and jewelry buying to help consumers make informed purchases. In this post, we turn to guest blogger and industry veteran, Dawn Moore, who mined her contacts for insights on how to buy diamonds online and ensure the best online shopping experience.

Buying a diamond online is a great way of saving a significant amount of money. By cutting out the middleman (and using James Allen), you can save thousands and still get a higher quality diamond that what you’d find at a retail store. But there are risks to buying online.

At present, diamond markups are just between 15-25% online, and it is almost impossible to offer a higher discount unless there is a significant flaw in a diamond. It is best not to ignore the importance of long-term customer service and warranties. Having the option to trade a diamond is also helpful.

Diamond jewelry should last a lifetime, and the best way to ensure that the piece you're buying is a good investment is to check that the diamonds are certified. Certified diamonds are graded by an unbiased institution, and then assigned a model number and a certificate that verifies the gem grades.

As long as you are buying from a trusted seller and buying certified diamond jewellery online it is indeed safe! Should I buy Diamond jewelry online (in India)? Increasingly, our shopping habits are moving into the virtual space. Online sales acco...

Diamonds from less quality labs could seem cheaper, but they're just too inconsistent to require an excellent risk and buy the diamond that has never been seen. Selection & Prices. Buy diamond online from a reliable web store isn't only safe, but also beneficial. When shopping online, one can easily find the best-cut diamonds, as many vendors ...

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