Is paparazzi jewelry costume jewelry?

Letitia Ziemann asked a question: Is paparazzi jewelry costume jewelry?
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Welcome to Paparazzi Jewelry – a multi-level-marketing company that sells, you guessed it, costume jewelry… Plus, it doesn't have the many restrictions associated with traditional jewelry sellers.

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It really has nothing to do with the costume jewelry itself. So now you know. Enjoy wearing your $5 finds now that you know what metals Paparazzi jewelry is made of. If you have metal sensitivities and can’t usually wear costume jewelry, try a piece of Paparazzi accessories.

Paparazzi jewelry is a multi-level marketing (MLM) company that markets and sells trendy costume jewelry. Costume jewelry or fancy ones are highly popular and inexpensive compared to traditional jewelry which comes at a high price and has many restrictions in selling. Paparazzi Jewelry was founded in 2010 at Hurricane, Utah.

Paparazzi Accessories is a direct sales company that offers cute, trendy costume jewelry at an affordable price. That price …is only $5! Paparazzi Accessories was started by 2 sisters and their husbands because of a passion. They used to make accessories by hand themselves and sell them at events.

Unlike traditional jewelry which is known to be high-priced, costume jewelry is a very affordable option, not to mention it is also popular among the younger generation. Paparazzi Jewelry claims to offer a money-making opportunity for those looking for a side hustle, by working as a “consultant” for their products.

Is Paparazzi Jewelry A Scam Or Legit? Learn How This MLM Grew 900% In 6 Months. From Small Business Turn MLM. 45% Commissions From Cheap China-Made Jewelry? Read More Of My Brutally Honest, Comprehensive Review.

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3. Paparazzi. One of the cool things about this company is that all their jewelry is just $5 to buy. After you purchase your starter kit, you earn a flat 45 percent commission on all your sales. There are three starter kits you can choose from, priced at $99, $299, and $499 containing many pieces at a significant discount for you.

Everything is Only $5. Paparazzi Accessories is a direct sells jewelry company featuring $5 accessories. Buy online or become a consultant. Work from home & make 45% commissions. June 2021 Web Banner-01. Paparazzi Accessories is a direct sells jewelry company featuring $5 accessories. Buy online or become a consultant.

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