Is selling jewelry on craigslist safe?

Jerome Skiles asked a question: Is selling jewelry on craigslist safe?
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  • Safeguards are critical when selling jewelry through Craigslist First NEVER, NEVER, and NEVER meet an unknown buyer in your house. Personal safety and protection against robbery should be your first priority. Meet the buyer in a public place like a restaurant or shopping mall.

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Selling jewelry on Craigslist and other online local classified sites is a great way to get cash for your jewelry, but there are some things that you should consider before you take the plunge into Craigslist selling. Safeguards are critical when selling jewelry through Craigslist First NEVER, NEVER, and NEVER meet an unknown buyer in your house.

…read even more safeguards and tips on our selling jewelry on Craigslist tip page. If you don’t want to take the chance selling on Craigslist or another online local classified site, Arden Jewelers provides a safe and secure place to sell your valuables. The jewelry never leaves your sight and the appraisal is done on the spot.

Most craigslist sellers are not professional jewelers or gemologists. They can legitimately make mistakes in their claims and promises that can end up ruining a deal. Take a magnifying glass or jewelers loupe with you. You can then better see inclusions in gems, check the item for damage and verify gold karat marks.

However, it is important to note that buying and selling on Craigslist comes with its own particular challenges, meaning that you could end up getting scammed or even worse if you are not prepared for them. Here are some suggestions that you can use to avoid the dangers of buying and selling jewelry on Craigslist: Watch Out For Fake Posts

Craigslist can be a great option for selling your gold jewelry. It’s free, and you can reach a lot of interested jewelry buyers quickly. However, there are several things you should know before attempting to sell gold jewelry on craigslist. First, we’ll cover a few basics. Posting anything for sale on craigslist is pretty simple.

Selling on Craigslist takes time; you'll need to answer queries, meet with potential buyers and handle the final transaction. It's probably not worth it if you only have one or two inexpensive items to sell, but if you're selling a big-ticket item—like furniture, jewelry or designer clothing—it may be time well spent.

Your safety should always be a number one priority, so always avoid selling your jewelry through Craigslist. Safety– LOW Price– AVERAGE Convenience– LOW . Friends. Selling your jewelry to a friend or family member is a simple and safe way to get rid of your jewelry.

Staying Safe While Selling on Craigslist Most free Craigslist selling guides will tell you to stay safe by meeting a buyer at a public place. This is absolutely true. It is good to meet people in a safe, public environment when you want to sell an item, such as a coffee shop.

If you’re selling on craigslist, predators may also ask for overly personal information in order to “pay you through PayPal,” but really, they’re looking to steal your identity. In fact, stealing your information or money through PayPal is one of the most common Craigslist scams, so if you can, avoid paying through PayPal altogether (same goes for wire transfers!).

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