Is the jewelry exchange real?

Aubree Klein asked a question: Is the jewelry exchange real?
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The Jewelry Exchange and Jewelry Factory comes from humble beginnings. Bill Doddridge, founder and CEO, cut his teeth by working in his stepfather's pawnshop… Under the parent company of Goldenwest Diamond Corporation, they now operate 15 stores sprinkled around the United States.

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So what did I think of The Jewelry Exhchange’s prices? Let’s compare and see. The first diamond came in at $4,875 on its own (we were looking at it loose). Here is a comparable 1.14ct G I1 very good cut from James Allen. Let me be clear that I do not like this diamond, but it has the same problems the Jewelry Exchange diamond had.

The Jewelry Exchange diamond is $6,468.53. Due to the lack of images, I cannot comment on whether or not the stone is eye-clean. That is a difference of $828.53. This is one of the minimum premiums you will pay on a Jewelry Exchange diamond. In fact, their diamonds come in roughly $1,000 more expensive than James Allen and Blue Nile every time.

The Nationwide Jewelry Exchange is the #1 Diamond Store having over 10,000 diamond in stock.

Goldenwest Diamond Corporation, better known as The Jewelry Exchange®, Jewelry Factory® and Jewelry Source®; is one of the largest direct diamond importers in the U.S. and is the largest worldwide customer of two of only five super site holders in the world. Because of this, we have first access to hard-to-find diamonds and import them at lower ...

1108 reviews of The Jewelry Exchange "If you're in the market for Jewelry, you can't beat the Jewelry Exchange. When you go there, be sure you have more than a few minutes as the wait can sometimes be a bit long. But once your number is called, you'll see why the wait was long.

194 reviews of The Jewelry Exchange - Sudbury "I never thought of myself as someone who based their shopping a round commercials, especially very low quality commercials. But when we decided that we should take a shot at wedded bliss, the first image that popped into our head was that shot at the end where all the employees are standing outside, in a synchronized, slow-motioned wave.

432 reviews of The Jewelry Exchange - Redwood "This is an excellent jewelry store.. and incredibly large... We just purchased a 2.5 ct diamond and band.. and they gave us a 30 day right of return and an unlimited right to receive 80% of the purchase price towards a future upgrade. This means that in 5 years if we want a larger diamond, we'll get 80% of our price back.

The Jewelry Exchange has a huge selection of diamond jewelry specials at factory direct low prices. Our jewelry store offers high quality and affordable diamond jewelry. X

The Jewelry Exchange. 24 likes · 74 were here. Jewelry & Watches Store

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