Is white gold cheaper than platinum?

Elliott Kemmer asked a question: Is white gold cheaper than platinum?
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Platinum is more expensive than white gold. To give this alloy its white color and make it harder, it has made by mixing yellow gold and other metals. The Rhodium plating has used to cover most white gold, giving the typically yellowish metal its pure white appearance.

Platinum will almost always be more expensive than white gold because it is 30 times more rare and mined much less than gold… This same ring in platinum would also be much more expensive in platinum because precious metals are priced by weight.

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Platinum vs white gold: price — 14K white gold There’s no question that 14K white gold is the most affordable metal choice for your engagement ring. It generally is around $300 cheaper than platinum, which is $300 you could put towards that center stone.

The main advantage of white gold over platinum is that it is much more affordable. However, the disadvantage is that you may need to have your white gold item recoated in rhodium every so often. This is inconvenient and the cost can add up over the years.

Platinum is said to be 35 times rarer than gold. This is also one reason which makes white gold cheaper than platinum. Platinum is almost 3 times the rate of white gold.

In short, white gold is a more affordable option and is great if you are on a budget. Also, in terms of investment, gold (whether pure or alloy) is considered a wiser choice because it is traded more widely than platinum. White Gold vs. Platinum: Ring Settings and Prongs

Whilst it may be true that platinum is harder than gold in its purest form, 18kt white gold is mixed with other metals, most commonly palladium, silver and copper to make it harder. This results in 18kt white gold being harder than platinum alloys, which are most commonly 95% platinum.

Although it’s still costly, it’s cheaper than platinum. Of course, platinum is, by far, one of the costly choices. But you can attain the same platinum effect when you use white gold. Notice that gold is not as rare as platinum.

Is Platinum Better than Gold? No, platinum is not better than gold, as platinum looks nearly identical to white gold but costs significantly more. Both 14K and 18K white gold are durable enough for everyday wear, so platinum jewelry isn’t necessary. Platinum also scratches more easily and requires more maintenance.

The Price is Cheaper than Platinum; There are many great choices available; It’s bright and very lustrous; Jewelers love it; I prefer White Gold for Wedding Sets and Solitaires. I think it makes the Diamonds POP in the mounting and look great. Curious enough, White Gold was made as a substitute for Platinum (because Platinum was needed for the wars).

The scandal led to a decline in demand for diesel engines, which cut platinum prices by nearly a fifth. Platinum is cheaper than gold because it plays by the rules of supply and demand, while gold is heavily reliant on personal sentiments, and people have always seen it as a safe-haven investment. Want To Know More About Gold and Platinum Prices?

Q: Why is gold cheaper than platinum? A: Platinum is cheaper than gold and more or less has always been so. These are live gold and platinum prices taken at 22:20 on 21/11/17. From my limited understanding, platinum is cheaper as it is used heavil...

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