Local dallas artists who make jewelry?

Dejon Hettinger asked a question: Local dallas artists who make jewelry?
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From classic and chic to ultra-chunky, these five Dallas artists make one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces for every taste.

  • Shamsy Roomiani, Shamsy Handmade Goods…
  • Taylor Turner, Hazen & Co…
  • Tiffany Forsberg, Tiffany's Fine Jewelry…
  • Leann Burns, Love Actually Jewelry.

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The 5 hottest jewelry designers in Dallas create collections to covet. Olivia K agate cuff. Photo courtesy of Olivia K Jewelry. Amanda Sterett "Sydney" necklace ($190) and "Dakota" earrings ($190 ...

Dallas has talented makers who ply their skills in ways that will grace your table. A food blogger, a line cook, a jewelry-maker, a seasoned ceramicist are all local artists who will help you nest...

Who is Muro Jewelry. Muro is a small women owned business founded in 2015 after realizing that I had found my calling after more than 20 years of experimenting and creating. I make modern jewelry that combines my architecture discipline training with the exploration of unusual materials like reclaimed wood and resin.

MAKE MADE is an artisan driven jewelry studio offering a curated selection of exquisite one-of-a-kind handmade jewelry and accessories. MAKE MADE supports independent jewelry artists and sustainable materials, including recycled and fairmined gold.

Sell Your Artwork. © 2021 Artful Home, LLC All rights reserved | Privacy & Security| CA Residents: Do Not Sell My Personal Information. Designer Jewelry Created by Artists | Artful Home. Discover hand-crafted designer art jewelry. Distinctive and modern. Artist-made necklaces, rings, earrings, bracelets and other fine art jewelry. Shop now.

Female Founded, Female Run. We've worked with 100's of female designers and do all of our photography, fulfillment and customer service in house. Local Eclectic is 94% female staffed and we are proud to be powered by smart, vivacious, creative women who make our brand stronger each and every day.

Visual artist John Joseph Pomara draws from linear shapes like system-glitches to create nonlinear work, most of which is showcased on his amalgamous Instagram page. In addition to his own art, he ...

For Becca Lynn, the Petoskey, Michigan-based Anishinaabe artist who crafts vibrant, Pride-themed beaded jewelry at QueerKwe Designs, those same rainbow colors are intensely personal.

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