What are apache tears good for?

Mellie Cole asked a question: What are apache tears good for?
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Use Apache Tears to Heal Your Emotions and Move Forward

It will keep you grounded and present in times of grief, anxiety, and stress, and it will allow you to deal with these emotions in a conscious and discerning way.

Because of their mythological origin as the tears of suffering women and children, Apache tears are a deeply empathetic stone that can help you through struggles gracefully and gently. They are potent crystals for helping you to heal from grief.

  • Apache Tears are powerful stones to use for psychic protection. They will raise your ability to recognize the approach of menacing situations, where you may be at risk. This is extremely useful if you are a healer, as they will aid your work by ensuring you are kept safe.
  • (See below for the legend of how Apache Tears got their name–they are especially resonate for people healing grief from the suicide of a loved one). Apache tears also carry the properties of obsidian, including protection, purification, and grounding. They gently cleanse the aura of negative vibrations & energy &...

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