What are the 2 birthstones for january?

Caroline Larkin asked a question: What are the 2 birthstones for january?
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Birthstones for the calendar month of January are garnet and emerald.

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4 Choices of January Birthstone Garnet. True friendship, and fidelity. Garnet is the most widely accepted birthstone for January. Garnet is the... Red Zircon. Zircon is a transparent gemstone that makes excellent substitute to diamond. While most popular in its blue... Emerald. Emerald is the ...

January Birthstones Garnet. Garnet’s name comes from Latin ‘granatus’ meaning ‘grain like’ because it resembles pomegranate blossom. Onyx. Birthstone onyx derives its name from a Greek word meaning ‘fingernail’. Why would a gemstone be called a... Jasper. Jasper is a variety of quartz and does come ...

January Birthstone Those born in January are lucky to have the beautiful and diverse garnet as their birthstone. Garnets are commonly red but also come in an extraordinary range of beautiful colors, including orange, yellow, purple and vibrant green.

January | Garnet Garnet, the birthstone of January, is mined in a rainbow of colors. From the fiery orange of Mandarin Garnet to the rich green of Tsavorite Garnet and to the most widely recognized color of Pyrope Garnet, it is considered a great gift to symbolize friendship and trust.

April. January. The birthstone for this month is garnet. Birthstone Overview. Garnet, January’s birthstone, is one of the most diverse gemstones, as it comes in an extraordinary range of colors. The garnet birthstone is mined around the world and symbolizes many different positive emotions.

That’s excellent news if you’re in the market for the January birthstone. The garnet family is one of the most complex in the gem world. It’s not a single species but rather consists of several species and varieties. Color: Mostly red or deep red. Rarer varieties can be lighter red and nearly any other color. Crystallography: Isometric. Trapezohedron and dodecahedron forms are common.

January Birthstone: Garnet. The beginning of the year is well-represented by the handsome and memorable garnet stone. Being positioned so near the new lunar cycle makes it a stone that is symbolic of travel and movement. Those born in this month often move a great deal in life and experience many joyous and wondrous things.

Garnet is the birthstone of January. Although many people think of a red gem when they think of garnet, it is actually available in almost every color - green (tsavorite and demantoid), orange (spessartine and hessionite), purple (rhodolite), yellow (mali and topazolite), pink (malaya), red (almandine and pyrope), black (melanite).

There are multiple birthstones by month lists and their interpretations. Arguably, the four most distinctive ones would be by birth month, guardian angel, special apostle, and sign of zodiac birthstone lists. These lists provide good options and the choice is ultimately yours!

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