What does patented mean on jewelry?

Stone Olson asked a question: What does patented mean on jewelry?
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How to research patent numbers on jewelry

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Jewelry patents were common in the past when jewelry designs couldn't be copyrighted. A design patent protects the way a manufactured product looks but not the way it works or how it's structured. Businesses can protect their intellectual property rights over an original design by applying for patent protection.

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Jewelry patents then ceased, because the patents were no longer needed. Vintage jewelry patents are a wonderful way to date vintage jewelry that was created prior to 1955. The documents provide illustrations (which are works of art in themselves), and filing and issue dates.

Jewelry design patents are a great source of information. Design patents are used to protect the appearance of a manufactured item. Design patents pertain to the appearance of the item and protect the way an item looks. Individual sections of the Patent Search Information Site detail how to find patents using free resources on the Web.

Visit the US Patent Website! Also, visit Jewelry Patents, a large patent resource Jewelry Patents. Definitions: A Design Patent only protects the appearance of an article, not it’s structural or functional features, and is usually used for decorative items. A Utility Patent protects the structure and function of the invention.

Typically, the patent number will be in an unobtrusive spot that won't interfere with the look of the piece. This patent represents the number the company received when they registered their design with the United States government. You can use the patent number to find out more about the company or about the piece.

The process typically includes describing your invention in detail and providing that information to a registered Patent Attorney to prepare the patent application. Once prepared, the application will be filed with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office where it will undergo a scrutinizing, multi-year examination to determine primarily whether ...

PAT stands for PATENT and usually refers to the right granted to anyone who invents any new, useful, and non-obvious process, machine, article of manufacture. The Jewelry manufcturer has a copyright on the design of the clasp.

Manufacturers would often patent designs for jewelry, flatware, and other items and then continue to produce those patterns or pieces for decades. However, the patent date does give you a starting place for estimating the age of your item.

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