What is apache tears laosed for?

Elvis Ward asked a question: What is apache tears laosed for?
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  • Apache Tears help this frozen river of emotion start to flow again and release locked up grief. They are ideal to carry when you are doing griefwork, trauma recovery, or therapy for old emotional wounds. Apache tears are gentle.

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Apache tears have a special connection to the mythology of the Apache culture and also to the ability to recover from grief. It should be noted that, given that this stone is associated with a specific cultural group, this article could not possibly cover the full range of myth and Apache lore that should be understood in order to have a well-rounded understanding of this stone.

Apache Tears Heal Grief & Loss Written By Liz Oakes. Apache Tears have a strong action to aid emotional healing. These natural crystals bring you comfort and and help to heal grief. Yet they have a more friendly vibration than some of the other types of Obsidian, which makes you feel comfortable with them. They are a natural type of Black Obsidian that has not been altered.

"Apache tears" is the popular term for rounded pebbles of obsidian or "obsidianites" composed of black or dark-colored natural volcanic glass, usually of rhyolite composition and bearing conchoidal fracture. Also known by the lithologic term "marekanite", this variety of obsidian occurs as subrounded to subangular bodies up to about 2 inches in diameter, often bearing indented surfaces.

Apache Tears Mineral & Gemstone Information. Apache Tears are small chunks of obsidian, around 1/2 to 1 inch across. In color they are brownish black and range from opaque to semi-transparent when polished. Obsidian is a volcanic glass. Unlike most obsidian which tends to be sharp-edged, Apache Tears are usually rounded like a rough pebble.

Apache Tears are natural crystals and a form of Black Obsidian Stone. This stone is usually found in the southwest and parts of Mexico. They are somewhat transparent and either a dark brown or black in color. These irregular shape stones get their name from an American Indian legend.

Here you can find chalcedony and Apache tears on the soil surface of the dry lake bed. Also, make it a complete trip with a stop at the nearby hot springs. The Fish Lake Valley Hot Well is located just 7 miles east of Highway 264 on a BLM dirt road, south of the Highway 73 Junction by about 6 miles. The Hot springs here are on the edge of the ...

The rough Apache Tears for sale here range in size from approximately 1/4" (6 mm) to 1 1/2" (38 mm) in diameter. They were mined from deposits in Arizona and Nevada. Lots of people say that Apache Tears, various types of obsidian, and other natural glasses are a challenge to polish.

The Apache (/ ə ˈ p æ tʃ i /) are a group of culturally related Native American tribes in the Southwestern United States, which include the Chiricahua, Jicarilla, Lipan, Mescalero, Mimbreño, Ndendahe (Bedonkohe or Mogollon and Nednhi or Carrizaleño and Janero), Salinero, Plains (Kataka or Semat or "Kiowa-Apache") and Western Apache (Aravaipa, Pinaleño, Coyotero, Tonto).

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Apache, North American Indians who, under such leaders as Cochise, Mangas Coloradas, Geronimo, and Victorio, figured largely in the history of the Southwest during the latter half of the 19th century. Their name is probably derived from a Spanish transliteration of apachu, the term for ‘enemy’ in Zuni.

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