What is jargoon irelanded for?

Britney Barton asked a question: What is jargoon irelanded for?
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👉 What is aegirine irelanded for?

Aegirine is the sodium endmember of the aegirine- augite series. Aegirine has the chemical formula Na Fe Si 2 O 6 in which the iron is present as Fe 3+. In the aegirine-augite series the sodium is variably replaced by calcium with iron (II) and magnesium replacing the iron (III) to balance the charge. Aluminium also substitutes for the iron (III).

👉 What is albite irelanded for?

Albite belongs to the Plagioclase Feldspar group, an isomorphous solid solution series.Albite is one end member, containing sodium and no calcium. The other end member, Anorthite, contains calcium and no sodium.The intermediary members are Oligoclase, Andesine, Labradorite, and Bytownite..

👉 What is amazonite irelanded for?

Amazonite, also known as Amazonstone, is a green tectosilicate mineral, a variety of the potassium feldspar called microcline. Its chemical formula is KAlSi 3 O 8, which is polymorphic to orthoclase.. Its name is taken from that of the Amazon River, from which green stones were formerly obtained, though it is unknown whether those stones were amazonite…

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Jargon vs. layman’s terms. The opposite of jargon is in layman’s terms. For example, an author, editor, or language teacher may say: “Overall, it is a good article, apart from a few cases of redundancy, which in layman’s terms means using more words than necessary to say something.”

Insolvency Service of Ireland (ISI) The ISI is an independent government body which helps people sort out personal debt problems and restore people from insolvency to solvency in a fair, transparent and equitable way. You can get more information on the organisation on The Insolvency Service of Ireland website. Interest on loans

When you arrive in Ireland, you may be forgiven for thinking the English spoken here is a completely different language! Indeed, since the dawn of time, the Irish have managed to invent our very own slang words and phrases to unleash on all unfamiliar with the lingo! In this article, we highlight the most commonly heard Irish idioms and words, ...

Irish words: Donkey's years. Used as a reference to time. We have absolutely no idea what the length of time a donkey's year is, but it's widely accepted that it's a very, very, long time. In use ...

A minimum of two selections must be successful to get a return. Turned out. 1) Racecourses often have a ‘best turned out’ award for the horse judged to have been best presented in the paddock. 2) A racehorse that is taking a break from racing/training and is out in the fields is said to have been ‘turned out’.

EIDR stands for ‘Entry in the Declarant’s Records’. Entry in the Declarant’s Records (EIDR) is a simplified procedure. Under this procedure, an economic operator may be authorised to enter certain goods to the customs import procedure at their premises or another approved location.

In Ireland, ‘the jacks’ means ‘toilet’, most commonly used to refer to public bathrooms. Every Irish person knowns what this term means, but few know why they use it – indeed it’s difficult to find a solid explanation. Some believe it to be derived from the Tudor English term ‘jakes’, first used in the 16th century.

In olden times, the country people used to enter houses through front doors only for formal meets, and would otherwise enter through the back door. It might also have originated from the word coillte, meaning woods, to signify that someone is from the rural area, similar to US slang “backwoods”.

41 – 56: Common Irish expressions to use when referring to someone that you dislike. We’ve an almost endless number of ways to describe a person that we don’t like in Ireland. These Irish slang words can range from tame to offensive, so use with caution. 41. Clown. Tame. Usually used casually with friends.

16 slang phrases you’ll need to know in Northern Ireland. Culture Guides Ireland. 1. Buck eejit. A term of endearment for people who are silly, or a bit of an idiot. Example: A: Timmy fell through the roof last night.

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What is lyngurium irelanded for?

Lyngurium or Ligurium is the name of a mythical gemstone believed to be formed of the solidified urine of the lynx (the best ones coming from wild males). It was included in classical and "almost every medieval lapidary" or book of gems until it gradually disappeared from view in the 17th century. Properties and history. As well as various medical properties, lyngurium was ...

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What is malachite irelanded for?

Malachite is a copper carbonate hydroxide mineral, with the formula Cu 2 CO 3 (OH) 2.This opaque, green-banded mineral crystallizes in the monoclinic crystal system, and most often forms botryoidal, fibrous, or stalagmitic masses, in fractures and deep, underground spaces, where the water table and hydrothermal fluids provide the means for chemical precipitation.

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What is oligoclase irelanded for?

Oligoclase is a rock-forming mineral belonging to the plagioclase feldspars. In chemical composition and in its crystallographic and physical characters it is intermediate between albite (Na Al Si 3 O 8) and anorthite (CaAl 2 Si 2 O 8). The albite:anorthite molar ratio of oligoclase ranges from 90:10 to 70:30. Oligoclase is a high sodium feldspar crystallizing in the triclinic system. The Mohs ...

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What is pargasite irelanded for?

Pargasite is a complex inosilicate mineral of the amphibole group with formula NaCa 2 (Mg 4 Al)(Si 6 Al 2)O 22 (OH) 2. It was first described for an occurrence in …

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What is peridot irelanded for?

Peridot is an ancient Gem of the mineral Olivine. Its chemical composition includes iron and magnesium, and iron is the cause of its attractive yellowish green colors.

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What is petalite irelanded for?

Petalite, also known as castorite, is a lithium aluminium phyllosilicate mineral Li Al Si 4 O 10, crystallizing in the monoclinic system. Petalite occurs as colorless, pink, grey, yellow, yellow grey, to white tabular crystals and columnar masses. Occurs in lithium-bearing pegmatites with spodumene, lepidolite, and tourmaline.Petalite is an important ore of lithium, and is converted to ...

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What is pezzottaite irelanded for?

In 2002 a new deposit of Bixbite was thought to have been discovered in Madagascar. However, after scientific research was carried out on the mineral, it was discovered to be a new gemstone and it was named Pezzottaite the year after in recognition of the work carried out in Madagascar by Dr Federico Pezzotta.

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What is rhodonite irelanded for?

Rhodonite Physical Healing Energy Rhodonite is an outstanding stone for the restoration of physical energy that has been drained due to emotional trauma/drama and may be used as an aid to help reverse mineral depletion. It supports the flow of chi throughout the meridians of the body, directing essential strength to the endocrine system which increases one’s energy and vitality.

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What is sapphirine irelanded for?

Sapphirine is a rare mineral, a silicate of magnesium and aluminium with the chemical formula (Mg,Al) 8 (Al,Si) 6 O 20 (with iron as a major impurity). Named for its sapphire-like colour, sapphirine is primarily of interest to researchers and collectors: well-formed crystals are treasured and occasionally cut into gemstones.Sapphirine has also been synthesized for experimental purposes via a ...

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What is shattuckite irelanded for?

Shattuckite is an uncommon copper mineral that is highly regarded for its vivid blue color. It is named after the Shattuck Mine in Bisbee, Arizona, where this mineral was first discovered. Shattuckite occasionally forms within Quartz crystals, underneath the top layer. This creates striking blue formations of Quartz, sometimes with sparkling ...

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What is sphalerite irelanded for?

Sphalerite is an excellent stone for the athletes to use as it helps them to get back to normal more quickly after every exercise. It also helps to rapidly replenish the oxygen in the blood. The crystal vibrates with the sacral chakra which is the area of the body that helps to enhance your creativity.

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What is tinaksite irelanded for?

Tinaksite (K 2 Na(Ca,Mn 2+) 2 Ti[O|Si 7 O 18 (OH)]) is a mineral found in northern Russia. Tinaksite can be grayish-white, yellowish, orange, or brown, and it is often found in charoite. Its name is derived from its composition: titanium (Ti), sodium (Na) potassium (K) and silicon (Si).International Mineralogical Association first recognized tinaksite as a mineral in 1965.

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What is zircon irelanded for?

Zircon (/ ˈ z ɜːr k ɒ n / or / ˈ z ɜːr k ən /) is a mineral belonging to the group of nesosilicates and is a source of the metal zirconium.Its chemical name is zirconium silicate, and its corresponding chemical formula is Zr SiO 4.A common empirical formula showing some of the range of substitution in zircon is (Zr 1–y, REE y)(SiO 4) 1–x (OH) 4x–y.Zircon forms in silicate melts with large proportions of high field strength incompatible elements.For example, hafnium is almost ...

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What does jargoon?

Jargoon or jargon (occasionally in old writings jargounce and jacounce) is a name applied by gemologists to those zircons which are fine enough to be cut as gemstones, but are not of the red color which characterizes the hyacinth or jacinth… The colorless jargoon may be obtained by heating certain colored stones.

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What is cubic zirconia irelanded for?

What do you call a cubic zirconia from Ireland? Posted on March 15, 2008. Filed under: Irish Jokes, Jewelry Jokes |.

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What is lapis armenus irelanded for?

Lapis armenus, also known as Armenian stone or lapis stellatus, in natural history, is a variety of precious stone, resembling lapis lazuli, except that it is softer, and instead of veins of pyrite, is intermixed with green. "The Armenian stone" is so nearly identical to lapis lazuli that it has often not been distinguished from it; Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary for instance treats ...

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What is silicon carbide irelanded for?

what is silicon carbide ireland Yutong Group to Deliver Its First Electric Bus in China to … StarPower Semiconductor and Cree, Inc., a leader in silicon carbide semiconductors, announce that Zhengzhou Yutong Group Co., Ltd., a large-scale industrial Chinese manufacturer of commercial

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Where are actinolites irelanded?

Actinolite is an intermediate member in a solid-solution series between magnesium-rich tremolite, Ca2(Mg5.0-4.5Fe2+0.0-0.5)Si8O22(OH)2, and iron-rich ferro-actinolite, ☐Ca2(Mg2.5-0.0Fe2+2.5-5.0)Si8O22(OH)2. Mg and Fe ions can be freely exchanged in the crystal structure. Like tremolite, asbestiform actinolite is regulated as asbestos .

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Where are bowenites irelanded?

Where are our Bowenites? The Bowenians? Bowenators? Bowenistas? Lovers of Murray Bowen and family systems theory check out this FREE upcoming lecture...

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Where are brazilianites irelanded?

Brazilianite, whose name derives from its country of origin, Brazil, is a typically yellow-green phosphate mineral, most commonly found in phosphate-rich pegmatites.. It occurs in the form of perfect crystals grouped in druses, in pegmatites, and is often of precious-stone quality.One noted deposit of brazilianite is in the surroundings of Conselheiro Pena, in Minas Gerais, Brazil.

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Where are clinohumites irelanded?

Clinohumite is an uncommon member of the humite group, a magnesium silicate according to the chemical formula (Mg, Fe) 9 (Si O 4) 4 (F,OH) 2.The formula can be thought of as four olivine (Mg 2 SiO 4), plus one brucite (Mg(OH) 2).Indeed, the mineral is essentially a hydrated olivine and occurs in altered ultramafic rocks and carbonatites.Most commonly found as tiny indistinct grains, large ...

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Where are eudialytes irelanded?

Eudialyte, whose name derives from the Greek phrase Εὖ διάλυτος, eu dialytos, meaning "well decomposable", is a somewhat rare, nine member ring cyclosilicate mineral, which forms in alkaline igneous rocks, such as nepheline syenites.Its name alludes to its ready solubility in acid. Eudialyte was first described in 1819 for an occurrence in nepheline syenite of the Ilimaussaq intrusive complex of southwest Greenland.

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