What is melo pearl worth?

Toney Bruen asked a question: What is melo pearl worth?
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Over the years the cost has continued to rise commensurate increase in the demand for these unique natural gems. Today, the value of gems per carat Melo commensurate with the cost of pearls Konk – from 6 000 to 17 000 dollars per carat depending on quality jewelry.

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The luxurious and prized orange hues are found in Vietnam and were historically turned over to the King of Vietnam. There are many wonderful legends about the Vietnam Melo Melo. Similar to Conch Pearls, the most highly prized Melo Melo Pearls also have a feathered and flame-like pattern and that lovely porcelaneous sheen. Vietnam produces the finest and most sought after examples with patterns of feathering and flame that add to their scarcity.

When set in beautiful jewelry, melo melo pearls command very high prices. Famous auction house Christies has auctioned off melo pearls in the past, with high quality unmounted pearls typically going for over $75,000 while some mounted pearls have cost over $250,000.

Melo pearls, or Melo melo pearls are found in the waters of Southern Asia. They’re produced by a marine snail whose shell is like a scroll. Melo pearls are often spherical and they can be very large. One of the biggest one ever discovered weighs over 397 carats (79.5g). In 2011, a large melo pearl was sold for US$30,500. The most sought-after colour for melo pearls is orange although it is known to fade over time.

Melo Melo pearls are natural, non-nacreous calcareous concretions or masses of mineral produced by the marine gastropod species known as Volutidae—a large sea snail dubbed melo melo. Like the animals that produce them (not an oyster or clam), Melo Melo pearls are orange to tan to brown in color (with orange the choicest shade) and are found in the South China Sea and west to the Andaman Sea off the coast of Burma.

A super rare, $300,000 Melo pearl was found by struggling Thai fisherman Hatchai Niyomdecha on the beach in January.

Instead of the layered platelets that make up nacre, the aragonite crystals intertwine in a melo pearl. This structure creates the flame effect. These rare pearls were once a sign of royalty in Eastern cultures, even when they were unknown to the rest of the world. Believed to be droplets that fell from the dragon in the sky, melo pearls were worshipped as holy objects.

An ordinary round orange melo pearl can currently fetch a high price of several hundred thousand dollars. Maintenance and cleaning. Melo melo pearls and conch pearls are without pearly layer, and their main component is CaCO3, which will produce bubbles when they encounter acid.

Another Melo pearl, worth £250,000 was discovered by impoverished fisherman Hatchai Niyomdecha, 37, while picking up shells with his family in Nakhon Si Thammarat province on January 27.

The family asked their neighbours about the pearl and realised that the pearl was worth £250,000 What are Melo pearls? Vivid orange Melo pearls fetch the highest prices

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