What is the average size of a diamond?

Lenora Kiehn asked a question: What is the average size of a diamond?
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  • Our research shows that the average diamond size varies greatly across the world coming in smaller in the east with Japan at 0.3 carat and China at .05 carat to Europe with .06 carat and, finally to the U.S. boasting the largest average size of 0.9 carat.
  • The size of a 1-carat round brilliant diamond can range from approximately 6.20 mm to 6.80 mm in diameter, depending on the depth. A deep cut is smaller in diameter and a shallow cut is wider in diameter.
  • Diamond Size Chart: MM to Carat Weight Round MM Size Round Carat Weight 9.0mm diameter 2.75 ct 9.3mm diameter 3.0 ct 9.5mm diameter 3.25 ct 9.75mm diameter 3.5 ct 6 more rows ...

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Diamonds come in all sizes: 20% of which are gem-stone quality, the remainder are industrial diamonds. Most diamonds are tiny: gem-stone quality diamonds must be larger than most diamonds found, because of their use. Gem-quality diamonds must be visible, which is not true for industrial diamonds. Your answer, then, by logic, dictates that most diamonds an average diamond is much smaller than a pea.

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