What is the most expensive blood diamond?

Aurelia O'Hara asked a question: What is the most expensive blood diamond?
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November 2010: The Graff Pink, a 24.78-carat "fancy intense pink" stone described as "one of the greatest diamonds ever discovered", auctioned for $46.2m (£29m). At the time it was believed to be the most expensive gemstone bought at auction and was sold to the well-known British dealer Laurence Graff.

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Weighing in at a massive 105.6ct, the most expensive diamond in the world is oval shaped. Steeped in mystery and legend, the stone is believed to have been mined in India in the 1300s. The controversy behind the stone lies in claims that Britain stole the stone from India and that it rightfully belongs to India.

A great example would be the latest "official" most expensive diamond the Blue Moon Diamond that was sold only November 16th 2015 for the astounding amount of $48.5 Million! With no further delay we present you the list of: World's Most Expensive Diamonds. The named diamonds each made an impact on the industry. Weather due to possessing a rare unmatched color, size or being sold for unprecedented price. Feel free to sort and filter based on there unique attributes. All; Blue Diamonds; Pink ...

The Red Hancock Red Diamond, weighing 0.95 CT and priced at $926,000 per carat, is the world’s most expensive red diamond per carat. The Moussaieff Red, weighing 5.11 carats, is the largest red diamond in the world. DeYoung Red Diamond weighs 5.03 carats for nearly 1,000,000 USD/carat.

The latest Sierra Leone Blood diamond is over 709 Carats, that is uncut, and is worth $50 million. The government now take a 3% cut on all traded diamonds, and De Beers enforces this rigorously.

Ranked second in the list of the most expensive rubies in the world is Crimson Flame Ruby. This Burmese pigeon blood ruby of 15.04 carats cut in the cushion and mounted on a ring in the center of a crown of diamonds, obtained the record price per carat for a Burmese ruby.

The 14.62 carat Oppenheimer Blue is the largest ever diamond to appear in auction. Originally owned by Sir Philip Oppenheimer, it was sold at a whopping $57.5 million in May 2016 at Christie’s, Geneva. Till 2017 it held the title of the most expensive diamond ever to be sold.

Initially ground into a rose shape and weighing 191 carats, it is one of the oldest and most famous diamonds in the world. It is also considered to be the most expensive diamond in the world. Britain acquired the stone in 1850, to reduce flaws and increase its brilliance and sparkle. Prince Albert had cut it into a round diamond and reduced it ...

Those who have watched the movie “Blood Diamond”, starring Leonardo Dicaprio will know how many lives can be tossed aside just to find one little piece of a compressed charcoal. That being said, the diamond trade will continue to survive as long as people have a penchant for the ridiculously expensive jewelleries. most expensive necklaces in the world: Fashionlady offers you top 10 most expensive necklaces in the world. 1. Incomparable: Price: US $55 million. Mouaward created a stunning ...

The Sunrise Ruby is the World’s Most Expensive Ruby and for just over six months it also held the title of highest price per carat, before being beaten by the Crimson Flame. At over 10 carats bigger than it’s main rival, the Sunrise is a truly exceptional Ruby. Being an untreated ‘pigeon blood’ Burmese Ruby only adds to its desirability.

At the time, it was named the world’s most expensive diamond necklace by the Guinness World Records. The “L’Incomparable” necklace cost $55 million, thanks mainly to its precious pendant gemstone, a flawless brown-yellow diamond weighing 407.48 carats.

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