What jewelry do mermaids wear?

Bud Pfeffer asked a question: What jewelry do mermaids wear?
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Most mermaids wear jewelry such as sea-shell necklaces small crowns and maybe even bracelets that they have often found on the beaches.

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Available with white pearl, black pearl or diamond. Matching earrings and a smaller version for the little mermaids out there just waiting for a chance to Splash. To meet the mermaid family splash here! white gold with white pearl $665.00 : yellow gold with white pearl $665.00 : #MERTAIL - $345.00. Mermaid tail just for fun.

The Oceania Mermaid Collection celebrates the essence of life itself, our most precious of resources, water. The verdigris patina brass is reminiscent of buried treasure found beneath the sea. Think anchors from the Titanic, gold coins from Bluebeard's pirate ship and found jewelry from ships found sunk in the Bermuda Triangle; verdigris patina ...

These are some of the finest gold mermaid jewelry necklace pendants you can find. Note the gold mermaid's face, the expression in her eyes, the cheekbones, the lines of the hair floating in the water, the detail in the tail and body of the mermaid , the way she holds the diamond, the lines of the neck, clavicle and small of the back.

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Wear coral and shell jewelry. To be a true mermaid, you have to accessorize like one. Take a trip to the dollar store and load up on “thingamabobs,” including coral or shell necklaces, earrings, and bracelets. You can also try making your own shell jewelry.

What do mermaids wear? A lot of mermaids and mermen like to dress themselves in things that remind them of their aquatic home-world. Oftentimes, you'll see merpeople wearing accessories made of seashells, fishing net fragments, glass pearls, and "seaweed" (decorative greenery from crafting stores... like sage, olive leaves, ferns, ect. made of plastic... since it is swimmable!).

3. Add a blue or aqua colored pencil skirt. A pencil skirt wraps around your body in a similar fashion to a mermaid's tail. If you want to rock the mermaid look, wear a glittery pencil skirt in a bright aquatic color like purple, silver, blue, and green.

I would have imagined that as a mermaid soul, you would wear the brightest shades of turquoise, purple and blue, but Serge the mermaid only ever wore black, grey and orange.

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