What material can be turned into diamond?

Oleta Mohr asked a question: What material can be turned into diamond?
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Man-made diamonds can be grown from high-purity carbon under high pressures and temperatures or from hydrocarbon gas by chemical vapor deposition (CVD). Materials such as cubic zirconia and silicon carbide (also known as moissanite) can be used to create imitation diamonds for use in jewelry.

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Yes, since major part of ash is carbon, all the other elements can theoretically be filtered out and by using high-pressure & high-temperature, it can be converted into diamonds. Leave aside the theory, now even practically this is possible.

KDP is a perfect material in application for diamond turning, because the material is very desirable for its optical modulating properties, yet it is impossible to make optics from this material using conventional methods. KDP is water-soluble, so conventional grinding and polishing techniques are not effective in producing optics. Diamond turning works well to produce optics from KDP. Generally, diamond turning is restricted to certain materials.

Under high pressures of more than 20 gigapascals (nearly 200,000 times atmospheric pressure), theory and experiment agree that graphite turns into cubic diamond, with some hexagonal diamond mixed in.

They found that hydrogen binding initiated a domino effect, with structural changes propagating from the sample's surface through all the carbon layers underneath, turning the initial graphite-like structure of planar carbon sheets into an arrangement of carbon atoms that resembles diamond.

“We had buckets of this disgusting material in our studio,” says Roosegaarde. His team was planning to throw it out when they had a eureka moment — 42 percent of the particles they collected are made of carbon, they realized. And what do you get when you compress carbon? You get diamonds, of course.

For the memorial diamond industry to take off, two things needed to happen: First, you needed a way to extract any remaining carbon from cremated remains to create the diamond from. Second, you needed a machine that would grow diamonds one at a time to create a highly personalized diamond containing the remains of someone’s loved one.

Since diamond is the hardest known substance, diamond dust must be used to cut the stone. In cutting, a minuscule groove is incised into the surface of the diamond, and a cleaving iron is inserted into the groove. With a quick, forceful blow, the diamond should split perfectly along its naturally occurring planes.

Can you make human ashes into diamonds? Most people think that they only way to find diamonds is in the ground. Few know that they could grow a diamond themselves...only if you have the necessary equipment. Cremation diamonds turn pet or human ashes into diamonds. And it's cheaper than you think!

From smog to diamond. The other aspect of the project will see the captured smog transformed into diamonds. 32% of Beijing’s smog is carbon, which under 30 minutes of pressure can be turned into diamonds. “As a designer, I’m like, this [the Beijing smog] ...

The carboxylic acid chain gives a crystalline structure to THCA that helps force bonding, meaning that THCA can be turned into a solid substance that will only melt when exposed to high temperatures. This also means that it can be distilled and concentrated down to a frankly ridiculous amount of purity – Expect to see over 99% THCA content in an average diamond.

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