What protective jewelry to wear?

Mariah Collins asked a question: What protective jewelry to wear?
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  • Types of Protection Jewelry Evil Eye Protection Jewelry: Evil eye protection jewelry is often best worn on a necklace or a ring but can also... Hamsa Hand of Protection: This highly traditional protection pendant is a perfect example of the Hamsa hand with the... Spiritual Protection Jewelry: ...

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Evil Eye Protection Jewelry: Evil eye protection jewelry is often best worn on a necklace or a ring but can also incorporated into a bracelet. Many talismans show only the evil eye itself but some have the evil eye superimposed on the Hamsa hand-shaped talisman for a double whammy of protection.

Jet is black, resembles coal and can be polished into beads to be worn as jewelry. It is especially effective if it is set in silver. Jet protects you against violence, illness and the perils of spiritual journeying. It also protects you against dark entities and guards your business against financial instability.

You can purchase a piece of this stone and wear it as a necklace. A Labradorite necklace can be purchased for just $40. Fluorite is a highly protective stone that will absorb and neutralize all negative energies that will penetrate

The hamsa is perhaps one of the most identifiable symbols of evil eye jewelry. It represents the power to defeat the evil eye, and gives strength and blessings. Derived from the Arabic word khamsah (“five,” or “the five fingers of the hand”), the hamsa also symbolizes protection.

Rainbow Moonstone is a healing and protective stone. It clears negative energy and helps resolve emotional wounds and grief to bring joy, peace, and optimism.

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In addition, a Polishing Cloth and Suede Microfiber are included in the kit for cleaning and maintaining your jewelry. Eternal Jewelry Coating is also the perfect way to protect the delicate details and quality of hand-stamped, oxidized with Liver of Sulfur, Patina, Gold Plating, Costume and Boho jewelry.

Protective Styles over Locs Braided Wigs + Regular Wigs Braided wig over Locs This protective style is highly recommended. Braided wigs make the perfect protective style. It allows you to wear braids while saving your locs from

Several respondents mentioned that they wore a “uniform shirt” or a 5.11 shirt. 5.11 Tactical is a company that produces uniforms for law enforcement and fire/EMS, as well as outdoor clothing and gear. Some of the polo/tactical shirts have “Forensics” or “Crime Scene” written on the back.

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