What stone is similar to morganite?

Angelica Lindgren asked a question: What stone is similar to morganite?
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Sassone notes that morganite is in the same family as aquamarine, and so the two are extremely similar.

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If you like the color of the peach from Peter that I posted above in this thread (not on his website), you can just call him and ask if he has more of the same rough to cut a stone for you. It is peach in daylight and a very pretty pink in the evening under fluorescent lights. His pictures are pretty accurate for color, but you can also ask him for a verbal description.

Simply put, morganite is the pinkish-orange (almost salmon) variety of beryl, which is a mineral that includes the likes of emeralds and aquamarine.

Like many of our favorite stones Morganite is a variety of Beryl, and an excellent choice for both gemstone jewelry and for metaphysical purposes. Like Green Emerald stones this stone carries the vibration of love, and not just love for other people.

Morganite stone value usually increases for the subtle Pink Morganite gemstone with a tinge of peach. A drop in the Morganite value per carat can be noted for the pale or extremely light pink Morganites (with nearly washed out color) or the excessively dark pieces which are often suspected of being treated. Clarity – The market rule says that ‘the more transparent, the more value will be the Morganite. An eye-clean Morganite stone is not rare but more in demand, therefore draws the ...

Morganite is the name of an orange to pink gemstone that has significantly grown in popularity since 2010. It is a variety of beryl, a beryllium aluminum silicate mineral with a high durability. Morganite is distinguished from other types of beryl by its orange-pink color.

Moreover, morganite is considered a healing stone as well. This gemstone belongs to the same group as emerald. The pink colour of this stone is due to the presence of a little percentage of manganese. What is the Difference Between Moissanite and Morganite?

Like many other healing stones, Morganite is said to work wonders on your metaphysical state. It’s a staple in meditation clinics and spas thanks to its impact on chakras and overall energy flow. As you can probably guess, Morganite’s radiant hum creates the most significant change in your heart chakra. Also known as Anahata in the Sanskrit language, the heart chakra is one of the most important. “Anahata” roughly translates to “unhurt,” which is the perfect way to describe the ...

Morganite is part of the Beryl family, like Emeralds and Aquamarine. It’s a beautiful gem that has coloring that’s often a fusion between peach and pink. The shade looks fantastic with most skin tones, and is especially striking when set in Rose Gold. Brides that want color and uniqueness for their ring tend to love Morganite.

Pretty in Pink: What is a morganite? Pretty, delicate, and pink. That sounds like a lovely combination, right? Morganites are gorgeous gemstones that range in a few different shades of pink but the most popular, and common, shade tends to be on the lighter peachy pink side.. In order to get this blush color, the stone is typically heat-treated to get rid of the orange or yellow tint that some stones have in them.

Both minerals are of comparable color, transparency and similar luster. In order to recognize true Morganite, first the characteristics typical for Morganite are used. Final certainty as to the authenticity of Morganite is provided by gemological laboratories, which can use spectrometers to determine the chemical composition of minerals. Love and Relationships. Your relationships problems will start to seem much smaller when you start carrying the Morganite stone close to you. This powerful ...

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