What's cool to make besides jewelry?

Lurline Baumbach asked a question: What's cool to make besides jewelry?
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What are some cool things I can make with beads?

  • Sure you can make necklaces with beads, but these versatile craft staples can do so much more. Create your own sun catchers, wind chimes or crafty decor pieces using beads salvaged from old jewelry, from your own bead stash, or from the jewelry-making department at your favorite craft store.

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Check out these super fun beaded crafts that making working with beads exciting again between your regular jewelry projects! 1. Beaded lizards. VIEW IN GALLERY. Sugar Bee Crafts shows you how to weave simple nylon string through colourful plastic beads in a pattern that lets you create little lizards! You can make the big or small, but no matter their size, these fun little creatures are a project that kids will get endless amusement out of once they learn the technique.

Glass and gemstone beads are your “typical” jewelry making beads that you might have way too many of. These ideas were created for that type of bead specifically, but most of the ideas on this list can be made using glass or gemstone beads. 1. Stemware Charms

Well, Menucha Citron from Moms and Crafters does too and she rounded up a good list of 18 things you can make with beads, that aren’t just jewelry! I know there are a lot of jewelry makers and so many gorgeous tutorials out there for jewelry but sometimes you may want to do something different with beads.

This very unique, hand-made 2" spider is made for you to hang around your neck and receive compliments from all your friends. This beauty will bring you LOTS of attention. It is made from beads and wire, and it's legs are gently posable. It is strung on an 18" cord with a toggle clasp.

One of the most common uses of a diamond, besides being made into jewellery, is the use of it in the industrial industry. Due to a diamond’s remarkable strength, they have become extremely effective as cutting, polishing and drilling tools… What are some cool uses for diamonds (besides jewelry ...

First of all, you can use simple bowls to show highlights of your jewelry collection. Among other creative solutions are DIY jewelry trees, different standing frames and racks and of course, DIY modified picture frames. Most of these DIY solutions are very budget-friendly cuz they won’t cost you a dime.

Fun, cheerful magnets are an easy gift to give — and they’re extremely inexpensive to make. In fact, you can likely create these items for $0.01-0.03 per magnet. Grab some resin, magnets, and some images or drawings, and in a few hours you can make hundreds of magnets to sell online. modpodgerocksblog.com.

Potter's clay, glaze, Urushi (Japanese lacquer), pure gold powder. Pin: silver 950 and 925, stainless steel.. 6.7 x 1.1 x 8.7 cm. Photo by: Yukiko Kakimoto. From series: Veins. Potters Clay Japanese Jewelry Small Palms Gold Powder International Jewelry Unique Words Kintsugi Contemporary Jewellery Jewelry Packaging.

5. Celebrate Your Art: Jewelry Tools in Design. In Success Hinges on Tools, Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist Summer 2021, Roger Halas makes this hefty hinged bracelet celebrating the blacksmith’s art; photo: Jim Lawson. Roger Halas is a jewelry artist, a sci-fi and fantasy buff, and something of a philosopher and poet.

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