Where can you find larimar the atlantis stone?

Gennaro Maggio asked a question: Where can you find larimar the atlantis stone?
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  • Larimar: The Atlantis Stone. Larimar or blue pectolite is an extremely rare gemstone. It has been found only in one location: a mountainous, relatively inaccessible area in the province of Barahona in the Dominican Republic.

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This stone can cool tempers, calms fear, and relieve worry. Like a healing day at the beach the ebb and flow of its energy calms the turbulent riptides within. Larimar is a reflection of the peaceful Caribbean Sea and sky. This lovely stone brings the ancient wisdom of Atlantis laced with a deep dolphin healing.

“Now, in the island of Atlantis there was a great and wonderful empire…the island of Atlantis in like manner disappeared, and was sunk beneath the sea.’ (“Plato’s Dialogues,” ii., 617, Timus.) A strikingly radiant blue stone lies conspicuously among the pebbles at a beach on the south coast of the Island La Hispaniola (Dominican Republic and Haiti in the Caribbean).

Home / Crystals / Larimar “The Blue stone of Atlantis ” Larimar “The Blue stone of Atlantis” Larimar is a rare blue variety of pectolite found only in the Dominican Republic, in the Caribbean. Its coloration varies from white, light-blue, green-blue to deep blue. Often mistaken for translucent turquoise or fine blue jade, Larimar mirrors the beautiful waters that surround it’s island ...

Or by wearing larimar you will have access to the stone at any time. It can help you gain greater wisdom as well as unlock Larimar’s metaphysical properties while wearing it. Larimar can help you release things like negative attachments, fear, and resentment. Using Larimar can also help you find a better balance, assist you to calm yourself ...

How can Larimar help you? Emotionally Larimar is a soothing stone that encourages peace, calms fears, and nurtures the physical and emotional body. Spiritually Larimar is helpful with opening the channels to telepathic communication. It helps to open new dimensions, especially the angelic realm. Additionally it aids in dissolving boundaries and guiding the soul to its pathway.

Larimar is also called the Atlantis Stone, because of a Spiritual master who lived in Trinidad and Tobago and who founded many Yoga Centers across the world, claimed that some islands in the Caribbean including the Dominican Republic were part of the lost continent of Atlantis. He went further to say that on one of those islands a blue stone with healing powers would be found – a description ...

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When they told us that this stunning blue stone was called the Stone of the Caribbean (or the Caribbean Stone or the Caribbean gem or the Atlantis Stone), I knew we weren’t walking out of there without a new piece of Larimar jewelry. #goodhusband. Because we are all things Caribbean on this website and podcast, I want to give you the low-down on what Larimar is all about.

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