Where did alfred lacroix find the grandidierite stone?

Irma Boehm asked a question: Where did alfred lacroix find the grandidierite stone?
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  • Many rare gem collectors would love to add grandidierite to their collections, but it has been almost impossible to find. The recent discovery of some gem quality material in Madagascar has now made a few high quality stones available. Grandidierite was first discovered in 1902 in Madagascar by Alfred Lacroix, a French mineralogist.


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✨ Where did alfred grandidier get the name grandidierite?

  • Grandidierite (Grand-die-deer-ite) was named after French explorer and naturalist Alfred Grandidier (1836–1912) who studied the natural history of Madagascar. An extremely rare magnesium iron aluminous borosilicate, Grandidierite was first discovered at the cliffs of Andrahomana on the southern coast of Madagascar.

✨ What stone is grandidierite?

One of the rarest gemstones in the world, grandidierite is a bluish-green to greenish-blue stone that was first discovered in 1902. Found in Madagascar by Alfred Lacroix, it was named in honor of Alfred Grandidier, a French explorer responsible for sharing much of Madagascar's natural history and mapping its lands.

✨ Why was the grandidierite named after alfred grandidier?

  • The mineral was named in honor of French explorer Alfred Grandidier (1836–1912) who studied the natural history of Madagascar. Grandidierite is considered one of the rarest and most expensive gemstones in existence. It can fetch prices up to $20,000 per carat. Grandidierite: Grandidierite mineral information on Mindat.

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Where can you find a grandidierite in madagascar?
  • Perhaps there has been a big mine opening with these, in Madagascar most likely, but it is still sold and reported as one of the rarest gems in the world, in direct contradiction with hundreds on display. What to make of this? Anybody here who owns a gem quality grandidierite? How much did you pay, and when?
Where can you find grandidierite in the world?
  • Yet gem-quality grandidierite is extremely rare. Facetable gem material larger than a millimeter has only been found in Madagascar and Sri Lanka; the latter is the source of a clean faceted specimen weighing 0.29 ct (Schmetzer et al., 2003).
Where can you find transparent grandidierite in madagascar?
  • In 2014 miners in southern Madagascar struck a vein of Grandidierite which yielded 800kgs of rough material. From this they were able to glean 60g of transparent gemstones! Once you have a transparent piece of Grandidierite rough this is only the beginning of the challenge as cutting and faceting this gemstone is difficult.
Where do you find a grandidierite in madagascar?
  • Grandidierite. Grandidierite are seafoam and deep ocean blue gemstones from a now depleted deposit discovered in 2014 near the town of Tranomaro in southern Madagascar. Relatively unknown, Grandidierite is extremely scare, often appearing on lists of the worlds’ 10 rarest gemstones.
Where do you find grandidierite crystals in madagascar?
  • Grandidierites in a cluster of crystals, from Cap Andrahomana, Ranopiso Department, Anosy (Fort Dauphin) Region, Tuloar Province, Madagascar. © Rob Lavinsky, www.iRocks.com. Used with permission. Does Grandidierite Make a Good Jewelry Stone?
How did the grandidierite stone get its name?
  • The mineral was named in honor of French explorer Alfred Grandidier (1836–1912) who studied the natural history of Madagascar. A large, faceted grandidierite, a 429.87 carat stone owned by a Filipino collector Benedicto G. Membrere V. GIL Report certificate number STN201811139168.
What do you do with a grandidierite stone?
  • Aside from its use in jewellery pieces, you can place grandidierite in your purse or pocket and use it as a touchstone throughout the day. Grandidierite gemstones can also be placed in the lap when meditating, but perhaps the easiest of all is to lay them flat on your body to align them with the heart and throat chakra points.
What makes a grandidierite a good jewelry stone?
  • Much material is generally opaque. Grandidierites have the durability to do well in any jewelry setting, but some stones may contain inclusions of crystals of other gem materials. Because of their cleavage and brittle tenacity, they may also have increased susceptibility to blows and chipping.
Where can i find malachite stone?

Malachite is a mineral that naturally forms above copper deposits deep in the earth. It's for this reason that you will find it in Caverns or cavities, deep within caves. In most situations, Malachite is found inside of limestone alongside other minerals like Azurite, calcite, and iron oxides.

Where can i find painite stone?

Painites are found only in Myanmar. The first painite specimen, a single crystal, was identified as a new gem species in 1957. Until 2001, only two more crystals were found. Since then, more painites have been discovered.

Where can i find peridot stone?

It is also mined at another location in Arizona, and in Arkansas, Hawaii, Nevada, and New Mexico at Kilbourne Hole, in the US; and in Australia, Brazil, China, Egypt, Kenya, Mexico, Myanmar (Burma), Norway, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Sri Lanka, and Tanzania.

Where can i find sodalite stone?

The Ice River complex, near Golden, British Columbia, contains sodalite. Smaller deposits are found in South America (Brazil and Bolivia), Portugal, Romania, Burma and Russia. Hackmanite is found principally in Mont-Saint-Hilaire and Greenland.

Where can we find turquoise stone?

– Turquoise mines are present in Iran (Persia), Tibet, Mexico, Arizona, Egypt, Turkey and America etc. In the gemstone market, Persian Turquoise stone is regarded as a highly sought-after origin variety due to its brilliant blue hue, high clarity and waxy to matt luster.

Where can you find axinite stone?
  • A very uncommon stone to find on earth, Axinite is found only in the USA, Russia, Australia, France, and Mexico. Why Would You Use Axinite? By using Axinite you will be able to accept your fate and circumstance with much greater ease than you previously would have thought about.
Where can you find azurite stone?

This blue stone has been found in a large number of locations, including Egypt, Namibia, Russia, France, Australia, Peru, Chile and the USA. It often occurs naturally combined with other copper based stones, including with Malachite, Shattuckite, Eilat Stone, Chrysocolla and Cuprite.

Where can you find rhodonite stone?

It is found in a few small deposits across the world. Sources of rhodonite include: Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, England, India, Peru, Russia, and Sweden. In the United States it has been found in North Carolina, Colorado, New Jersey, and has been named as the state gem of Massachusetts.

Where can you find sugilite stone?

South Africa's Wessels mine in the Northern Cape has a large deposit of sugilite, which is currently mined from a strata-bound manganese source. Other reports suggest that sugilite can be found in Italy's Liguria and Tuscany, the New South Wales region of Australia and Madhya Pradesh in India.

Where can you find unakite stone?

Unakite was first discovered in the United States, in the Unakas mountains of western North Carolina/eastern Tennessee (hence its name). However, it can also be found on the beaches of Lake Superior, where it was originally dragged by glaciers, as well as washed down from the mountains into rivers in Virginia.

Where do you find larimar stone?

Larimar or blue pectolite is an extremely rare gemstone. It has been found only in one location: a mountainous, relatively inaccessible area in the province of Barahona in the Dominican Republic.

Where can you find facetable grandidierite in the world?
  • In addition to Madagascar, Grandidierite deposits exist in Algeria, Antarctica, Canada, Czech Republic, India, Italy, Malawi, New Zealand, Norway, Sri Lanka, Suriname, and the United States. Despite these discoveries, facetable Grandidierite larger than a millimeter has only been found in Madagascar and Sri Lanka.
How much does a grandidierite stone cost per carat?
  • In general, grandidierite is cut into cabochons ranging in size anywhere from one carat to 10 and can demand significant prices. According to Forbes, the finest quality grandidierite stones can fetch up to US $20 000 per carat. What Is The Meaning Of Grandidierite?
Where is grandidierite found?

It was first discovered in Madagascar.

French mineralogist Alfred Lacroix found the first reported samples of grandidierite in 1902. He discovered the gemstone at the cliffs of Andrahomana in southern Madagascar, according to the GIA.