Where did mme lantin acquire her pieces of jewelry?

Domenick Boehm asked a question: Where did mme lantin acquire her pieces of jewelry?
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How does Mme Lantin come to attend the theater without her husband? M. Lantin asks her to go without him… Where did Mme. Lantin acquire her pieces of jewelry? She received them from her admirers. Sonny's Blues by James Baldwin. Plot/ Harlem 1930s or 40s, The narrator finds out sonny is in prison for Heroin.

Madame Latin's fondling of her collection of jewels is reminiscent of Madame Loisel's inspection of her friend Madame Forestier's collection in her big jewel box in Maupassant's story " The ...

11 / 11 pts Question 9 Where did Mme. Lantin acquire her pieces of jewelry? She inherited them from a wealthy relation. She received them from her admirers. She was an accomplished jewel thief. She bought them from Gypsies. Quiz Score: 99 out of 99

We are introduced to M. Lantin who becomes that lucky young man who marries Madame Lantin. He has a modest life with a modest salary that he earns, and becomes utterly happy with her. The story states that after years of marriage, M. Lantin loves her more than he did the day he met her. However there are two 'faults' Lantin finds with his wife.

I still believe that M. Lantin really did love his first wife, but when he discovered her secret, I think it changed the way he felt about her. I also think that before he found out he didn’t care for money, he only cared about his wife, but when he discovered her betrayal, he wanted revenge, so he sold all her jewelry, remarried and forgot about her.

Monsieur Lantin, of Guy De Maupassant’s, “The Jewelry” is a man married to a woman who he became infatuated with over the influence of others, resulting in their marriage, and her eventual untimely death; shortly after her death it is revealed that she lived a mysterious life with her not-so-fake jewels.

Latin acquire her pieces of jewelry? she received them from her male admirers In "sonnys blues," by james baldwin, when the narrator's mother tries to convince him to promise to look after sonny when she is gone, she tells him a story about how

After his wife’s death, Monsieur Lantin’s ideological foundation begins to unravel when he realizes that his wife deceived him about her jewelry collection. Monsieur Lantin realizes first that ...

She approaches her old friend, and Mme. Forestier almost doesn’t recognize her. In a sudden burst of emotion, Madame Loisel reveals her entire story of losing the necklace, replacing it, and working off the cost of the replacement ever since. In response, Madame Forestier replies that the original necklace did not contain actual diamonds but rather fake diamonds, meaning the original necklace cost no more than 500 francs.

After Mathilde Loisel loses Madame Forestier's "diamond necklace," she and her husband acquire an outstanding amount of debt in order to purchase an authentic replacement and struggle for ten ...

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