Where did sara diamond start her broadcasting career?

Alisa Johnston asked a question: Where did sara diamond start her broadcasting career?
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  • She joined WJHL in December 2001 as weekend anchor. Sara began her career at KGAN in her hometown of Cedar Rapids, Iowa. She then moved on to KACB (now KSAN) in San Angelo,Texas, KOTV in Tulsa, then back in San Angelo at KLST. Sara’s broadcasting career has taken her on many different adventures.


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✨ When did sara diamond start at wjhl tv?

  • Emmy® nominated journalist Sara Diamond anchors WJHL’s evening newscast. She joined WJHL in December 2001 as weekend anchor. Sara began her career at KGAN in her hometown of Cedar Rapids, Iowa. She then moved on to KACB (now KSAN) in San Angelo,Texas, KOTV in Tulsa, then back in San Angelo at KLST.

✨ Where did sara diamond go to college at?

  • The journalist age as of 2019, as well as details about her birth, is still under review. It will be updated very soon. However she is a native of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, she earned a bachelor’s degree from Luther College in Iowa.

✨ Where did sara diamond live most of her life?

  • Sara Diamond was born in 1954 in New York City and later moved to Canada with her family.

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