Where did silver and turquoise jewelry come from?

Blanca Veum asked a question: Where did silver and turquoise jewelry come from?
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  • Silver smithing and the advent of Silver and Turquoise Jewelry started in the American southwest about 1880. Artisan Handmade Jewelry has played an important role in the culture of the Southwest since. Souhwestern jewelry is made by many artists from all different ethnic backgrounds.


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✨ Where did the turquoise in jewelry come from?

  • That’s when fashion’s love affair with bohemian style fueled a turquoise boom that lifted the profile of the blue and green stones mined in the American Southwest. This time around, countless designers—from both the fine and fashion jewelry realms—have incorporated turquoise into their repertoires.

✨ Where does the kingman turquoise jewelry come from?

  • At Southwest Silver Gallery, our focus is sharing Native American culture, traditions, and history with the world. We source all our pieces from local Navajo, Zuni, Hopi, and Santo Domingo tribes that use only the finest sterling silver and Kingman turquoise in their jewelry. Many pieces are signed by the artist and authenticated by certificate.

✨ Where does turquoise come from?

  • Turquoise is one of the world’s oldest gems. Our stones, sourced from local tribes such as the Zuni, Navajo, and Santo Domingo, are among the hardest of the gemstones, with deep blue-green hues and natural lines that have formed over time-beautiful marks of their authenticity.

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Where does mohave turquoise come from?

Mojave Turquoise is sourced from the famous Arizona Kingman Mine in the state of Arizona.

Where does morenci turquoise come from?

Recognized for its unusual pyrite matrix, Morenci turquoise comes from southeast Arizona, near the New Mexico border. Colored from light to bright blue, the stone is named for the Morenci Copper mine.

Where does most turquoise come from?

Most quality turquoise from the United States is found in the Southwest, particularly in Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada, Colorado, and California. Turquoise was sacred to Native Americans even before the arrival of Columbus. Most of the mines in these states have run dry and few are operating commercially these days.

Where does red turquoise come from?

Red Mountain Turquoise is the highest grade of turquoise from this Northern Nevada mine. Found with dark spider-webbing, the stone is often golden or reddish in color and is a highly collectible stone. Much of the turquoise has already come out of the mine, although turquoise is still found in the old mine's dump area.

Where can i buy turquoise and silver jewelry?
  • We specialize in Mens Turquoise Rings as well as Womens Turquoise Rings by size - shop our store to find a Turquoise ring in your rings size. Generally, Native American Indian Jewelry is made by American Indian Tribal Artisans from the Southwestern United States.
Where can you find turquoise in silver jewelry?
  • Turquoise in silver jewelry: Arizona and New Mexico. Photo © Joel E. Arem, PhD, FGA. Used with permission. With striking sky blue to blue-green colors, turquoise has been prized by cultures all over the world for over 5,000 years.
How to remove tarnish from silver and turquoise jewelry?

Avoid getting the agents on the Turquoise stone. After a few seconds, rinse in water and pat dry. Repeat these steps until the Sterling Silver is cleaned to your satisfaction. Remember that many Sterling Silver and Turquoise Jewelry pieces are not designed to be completely free of the dark tarnished areas. Use your own judgement as to the amount of tarnish to be removed.

Where does dark green turquoise come from?

Green turquoise is indeed a rarity, but it can be found in a few areas around the world. Mongolia and Egypt's turquoise deposits are known to occur more green than blue. Mines from India are also known to produce green turquoise. China has some very desirable deposits, but much of China's turquoise is often enhanced.

Where does the mineral turquoise come from?

Turquoise was obtained from the Sinai Peninsula before the 4th millennium bc in one of the world's first important hard-rock mining operations. It was transported to Europe through Turkey, probably accounting for its name, which is French for “Turkish.” Highly prized turquoise has come from Neyshābūr, Iran.

Where does turquoise come from in china?
  • China has been a minor source of turquoise for 3,000 years or more. Gem-quality material, in the form of compact nodules, is found in the fractured, silicified limestone of Yunxian and Zhushan, Hubei province.
How to clean silver turquoise jewelry?

Cleaning your silver turquoise jewelry is easy, but it’s important to be careful with the turquoise. All you need to do to clean the turquoise parts is wipe them with a damp cloth and dry them with another clean cloth. Don’t use any cleaners on the stone, since even dish soap and laundry detergent can damage it.

What is stm silver turquoise jewelry?

Today, turquoise is linked with Native American heritage in the American Southwest. With a tradition of creating turquoise jewelry and carvings for at least 140 years, the stone was of particular importance within Navajo, Pueblo, Hopi and Apache cultures for it’s ceremonial and “protective” qualities.With the subsequent development of new artisanal and silversmithing techniques, this ...

Where to get authentic turquoise and silver indian jewelry?

Find genuine turquoise jewelry and authentic Native American Turquoise pieces sourced from Zuni, Navajo, and Hopi tribes at Southwest Silver Gallery. Get FREE SHIPPING on orders of $99 or more! 15% Off - Use Promo: SHOP15 - Free Shipping on $99 or more & Free Gift Wrapping

Jewelry come from where?

The word 'Jewelry' originated from the Latin word 'jocale' meaning 'play thing'. The present name is the anglicized version of the Old French 'jouel'. The word spelled as 'jewellery' in European English, jewelry is usually defined as any piece of adornment made up of precious material (gemstones, noble metals, etc.).

Where did the name of turquoise come from?
  • Named from French "turques" or "turquois" meaning "Turkish" the original material found on the south slopes of the Al-Mirsah-Kuh Mountains (Iran), but which found its way to Europe via Turkey. The name was known at least as early as the 17th century C.E.
Where does the color of turquoise come from?
  • Dry Creek Turquoise comes from a small turquoise mine outside of Austin, Nevada. It is a creamy pale blue coloring and golden to cocoa brown matrix. Dry Creek turquoise is not treated or color enhanced and is revered for its light whitish blue turquoise color. Most turquoise this light of a blue is chaulk and is too soft to cut.
Where does the lime green turquoise come from?
  • The lime green color is due to the high levels of faustite and zinc. Although blue turquoise is the majority produced, in recent years lime green has been most valued for its rarity and unique color. The Carico Lake Turquoise Mine is a historic mine named for its home on a dried up lake bed located in Lander County, Nevada.
Where does the turquoise come from in arizona?
  • Turquoise from Arizona’s Morenci mine, another leading producer, is a close second. Rough turquoise from the Kingman mine in Mohave County, Ariz.
Where does the turquoise in bisbee come from?
  • Bisbee turquoise is a significant by-product of the huge Lavender Pit copper mine, which is now closed. With some of the finest turquoise coming from the section of the copper mine known as the “Lavender Pit,” where for years copper miners would bring out fine turquoise in their lunch boxes.
Where does turquoise come from in the world?
  • A secondary mineral occurring in the potassic alteration zone of hydrothermal porphyry copper deposits. Also formed by the action of meteoric waters, usually in arid regions, on aluminous igneous or sedimentary rocks (as vein filling in volcanic rocks and phosphatic sediments). Visit gemdat.org for gemological information about Turquoise.
How to clean silver and turquoise jewelry?

Use a commercial silver polish. Silver rarely needs washing when it's attached to turquoise and, as cleaners can harm turquoise, it's generally best to stick to a light polishing. Use a commercial polish designed specifically for silver. You can find a silver polish online or at some department stores.