Where did the tugtupite get its name from?

Ephraim Hauck asked a question: Where did the tugtupite get its name from?
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  • Tugtupite has a tetragonal crystal system and belongs to the Helvine Group. Tugtupite was first discovered back in 1962 and takes its name from the location that it was found, Tugtup which is located in Greenland.


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✨ Where does tugtupite come from?

Gem-quality tugtupite has come almost exclusively from one occurrence, a set of hydrothermal albite veins from the Kvanefjeld plateau in the northwestern corner of the Ilimaussaq intrusion. T h e mineral that is now known as tugtupite was discovered in 1957 by Professor H.

✨ How did tugtupite get its name?

  • Obviously it was named after it’s original locality, which is derived from the Greenlandic Inuit word “Tuttu”, that corresponds to “Reindeer, or Reindeer Blood.” Since its initial discovery in Greenland, Tugtupite has only been found two other times throughout the world.

✨ Where did the tugtupite pegmatite gem come from?

  • Tugtup means “reindeer” in the Greenlandic Inuit language. Hydrothermal veins in nepheline syenite pegmatite. Usually included. Tugtupite: Ilimaussaq, Greenland (specimen ~ 1 inch across). Photo © Joel E. Arem, PhD, FGA. Used with permission. Discovered in 1960, tugtupites are relatively recent entries into the gem world.

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Is tugtupite rare?

Gem quality tugtupite is among the rarest of gemstones, only found in remote areas of Greenland - and always in small quantities. In high demand by collectors, the finest specimens are almost always reserved for jewelry.

What is tugtupite?
  • Tugtupite is a translucent stone which appears colourless in transmitted light. It has a good cleavage with a very brittle tenacity. Being one of the types of fluorescent beryllium silicate, Tugtupite is able to change its colour whenever it is put close to the heat.
Where can i find tugtupite in cuttable pieces?
  • Tugtupite’s abundance has declined in the years since its discovery. Thus, it’s become somewhat hard to obtain, especially in cuttable pieces. You may find this mineral referred to as “Reindeer Stone,” after the type locality. Tugtup means “reindeer” in the Greenlandic Inuit language.
Where can you find tugtupite in the world?
  • Tugtupite is an extremely rare aluminium beryllium sodium chlorine silicate mineral and member of the feldspathoid family (minerals that resemble feldspars, but have much lower silica content). It usually is found on large masses of Albite with inclusions, as well as near hydrothermal Sodalite veins.
What products are made from tugtupite in the armenia?

Tugtupite is also referred to as Tuktu, a named derived from the Greenlandic Inuit word for reindeer (tuttu) and means “reindeer blood.” Tugtupite is a rare silicate, closely related to sodalite. The red variety of the mineral tugtupite has been used as a gemstone since 1965.

What products are made from tugtupite in the azerbaijan?

Tugtupite is a beryllium aluminium tectosilicate.It also contains sodium and chlorine and has the formula Na 4 Al Be Si 4 O 12 Cl. Tugtupite is a member of the silica-deficient feldspathoid mineral group. It occurs in high alkali intrusive igneous rocks.. Tugtupite is tenebrescent, sharing much of its crystal structure with sodalite, and the two minerals are occasionally found together in the ...

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TUGTUPITE: A GEMSTONE FROM GREENLAND By Aage Jensen and Ole V. Petersen The red variety of the mineral tugtupite, a rare silicate closely related to sodalite, has been used as a gemstone since 1965. This article presents the history of the mineral and details of its mineralogy and gemology. A recently discovered light blue variety of tugtupite is also described. Thus far, tugiupite has been found in only two localities: (1) Lovozero, Kola Peninsula, U.S.S.R., where it occurs as very small1 ...

What products are made from tugtupite in the bangladesh?

Antao S M , Hassan I , Parise J B , American Mineralogist , 89 (2004) p.492-497, Tugtupite: High-temperature structures obtained from in situ synchrotron, diffraction and Rietveld refinements, T = 20 C, data from Hassan and Grundy (1991)

What products are made from tugtupite in the benin?

chons of blue tugtupite have been cut; five small cabochons (1-5 ct each) have been made in the polishing laboratory of the Institute of Mineral- ogy of the University of Copenhagen. Pleochro- ism has not been observed in the light blue material. Tugtupite has a vitreous luster. It has a hard- ness of 6Y2 on the Mohs scale. There is a weak

What products are made from tugtupite in the cameroon?

Very rare fluorescent rough Tugtupite from Greenland. HarlequinCrystals. 5 out of 5 stars. (171) $672.55 FREE shipping. Add to Favorites. TUGTUPITE "FANTASY ROCK!" Sodalite, Chkalovite, analcime, Ussingite/Uranyl Ion, Polylithionite, and Arfvedsonite.

What products are made from tugtupite in the colombia?

Tugtupite. NMNH G11671-00. Greenland. -. Gift of Smithsonian Gem and Mineral Collectors in 2018. Tugtupite was first discovered in 1957, at Tugtup agtakôrfia, Greenland, a few kilometers to the east of the town of Narssaq, by Professor Henning Sørensen. The name tugtupite is derived from the locality where the mineral was first found.

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Tugtupite is a mineral just discovered in 1962 in Greenland. From the Book of Stones by Robert Simmons, they describe this sodalite family mineral as the “Mineral Ayahuasca”, while others have called it a “Mineral Aphrodisiac”. Here’s what I love about this stone: :: The color! Tugtupite can vary from light cotton candy pink to a ...

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Tugtupite 2.40 ct Cushion Cut 8.90 x 8.10 x 5.20 Greenland y193 Pink and White Gemstone UV Loose Gem Stone Faceted Fluorescent 5 out of 5 stars (1,606) Sale Price …