Where did the variscite get its name from?

Idell Durgan asked a question: Where did the variscite get its name from?
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  • It was first described in 1837 and named for the locality of Variscia, the historical name of the Vogtland, in Germany. At one time, variscite was called Utahlite. At times, materials which may be turquoise or may be variscite have been marketed as "variquoise".


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✨ Where did the mineral variscite get its name?

  • Variscite is named after the German district of Variscia, where this mineral was first found. Variscia is the old historical name of the current region of Vogtland. For additional information, see the gemstone section on Variscite.

✨ Where do variscite and quartz come from?

  • Variscite mixed with quartz from Ely, Nevada, is sometimes called amatrice or amatrix, for “American matrix.” (However, such mixes also occur in Australia ). Variscites from Utah usually feature interesting patterns, which makes material from this state very popular for cabbing and carving.

✨ Where is variscite found?

In the United States, variscite is found in Nevada, Utah, and Wyoming. It is also found in Australia, Brazil, Germany, Poland, and Spain. Variscite is often found in the same geographic areas as turquoise, and this can result in variscite being incorrectly identified as turquoise.

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Where in australia is variscite found?

Australia has good quality Variscite that is found in Queensland, although Variscite was initially found in Germany in a region formerly known as Variscia and so was named after it.

Where is variscite found in nature?
  • These usually form as a secondary mineral in near-surface deposits where phosphate-bearing waters interact with minerals that contain aluminum. In the United States, variscite is found in Nevada, Utah, and Wyoming.
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Where can i find variscite in nevada?

Most of the Nevada variscite recovered in recent decades has come from mines located in Lander County and Esmeralda County, specifically in the Candelaria Hills. Notable localities are Lucin, Snowville, and Fairfield in Utah, United States.

Where can you find variscite in australia?
  • Variscite is often found in the same geographic areas as turquoise, and this can result in variscite being incorrectly identified as turquoise. Variscite fracture fillings: Variscite has filled the fractures in this piece of siltstone. This specimen is from Queensland, Australia, and measures 4.3 inches (11 cm) across.
Where do you find variscite in nature?
  • Variscite is known to occur in various locations around the world. It normally occurs as a secondary mineral in brecciated sandstone and hydrothermal deposits. It is normally found as rounded, coarse aggregate masses within cavity fillings, nodules and crusts; it is rarely found in crystal form.
Where was the peganite and variscite found?
  • The peganite was found at Striegis, near Frieberg, Saxony; the original variscite was found at Messbach, Voigtland, Saxony. The ancient name for Voightland is Variscia, named for a germanic tribe that had settled there.
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  • Twinned Orthoclase from Karlsbad (Carlsbad). The Carlsbad twin name came from the Carlsbad locality in the Czech Republic. This Orthoclase also came from this locality and "guess what?": it is twinned by the Carlsbad law. A "type locality twin" from an old glorious European locality. © Fabre Minerals. All Rights Reserved
What does variscite look like from a distance?
  • Here's what it looks like if you take a picture of it too closely with the flash on.... Anyway, go ahead and bask in the glory of that poorly-photographed mineral! Allow it to change your perceptions of geology! Like many, many other minerals we've looked at, Variscite is green (most of the time). My friends, this is just the beginning.
What kind of water does variscite come from?
  • Variscite is a secondary mineral formed by direct deposition from phosphate-bearing water that has reacted with aluminium-rich rocks in a near-surface environment.
Where did the name morganite come from?

Morganite is the rare pink form of beryl, a mineral family that includes well-known gems such as emerald and aquamarine. Morganite was named in honor of J.P. Morgan, the American banker and philanthropist, by the New York Academy of Sciences.

Where did the name poudretteite come from?
  • Named for the Poudrette family, operators of the quarry where type material was discovered. Name Pronunciation: Poudretteite + Pronunciation Synonym: IMA1986-028 Poudretteite Image Images: Poudretteite Comments: Pale pink gem fragment of poudretteite. Location: Pyant-gyi mine, near Pein-pyit, Mogok, Sagaing Region, Mandalay Division, Burma.
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The name "Azurite" comes from Latin borrowed a Persian word (lazhward) for blue which in the form of lazurium became azurium, and gave us our word azure.

Where does the name bytownite come from?
  • Magmatic and metamorphic rocks. "Bytown," now Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Link to MinDat.org Location Data. Named after its locality. Comments: Translucent crystalline bytownite.
Where does the name lithiophilite come from?
  • Named from the composition, Lithium, and from the Greek for "friend". Comments: Twinned crystals of yellowish brown lithiophilite. Location: Foote mine, Kings Mountain, Cleveland County, North Carolina, USA. Scale: Not Given. Comments: Mottled tan-green-pink massive sicklerite with dark brown lithiophilite on quartz.
Where does the name pargasite come from?
  • Dark green to black crystals of Pargasite came from the type locality of Pargasite is Pargas, Finland, where this mineral was first found and named after. Apple-green Pargasite, almost always associated with Spinel, has recently been coming from Luc Yen, Yenbai Province, Vietnam.
Where does the name rhodonite come from?
  • Rhodonite. Rhodonite is a manganese metasilicate mineral that was first discovered in 1819 by C.F. Jasche. The crystal was named from the Greek word meaning “a rose”, due to it’s pink to rose red color. Rhodonite can also be found in brownish-red and black varieties with pink inclusions within.
Where does the name shattuckite come from?
  • Shattuckite’s name is taken from the locality where it was discovered, which is the Shattuck Mine in Bisbee, Arizona, USA. That’s where it’s also usually mined. Why Would You Use Shattuckite?
Where does the name vesuvianite come from?
  • 1⁄2. The name "vesuvianite" was given by Abraham Gottlob Werner in 1795, because fine crystals of the mineral are found at Vesuvius; these are brown in color and occur in the ejected limestone blocks of Monte Somma. Several other names were applied to this species, one of which, "idocrase" by René Just Haüy in 1796, is now in common use.
Where can i order a variscite ring in the czech republic from germany?

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Is variscite dyed?

Chromium and vanadium impurities contribute to variscite's typically green range of colors. However, the presence of iron may give some stones known as ferrian or ferroan variscites a rare red or violet color.

Is variscite rare?

Variscite is a rare hydrated aluminum phosphate mineral with a chemical composition of AlPO 4 •2H 2 O. It is usually green in color, ranging from yellowish green to bluish green. It does not have any significant industrial use.