Where do chocolate diamonds come from?

Lilliana Kassulke asked a question: Where do chocolate diamonds come from?
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  • In the case of brown gems, they are found in Australia, Angola, Borneo, Brazil, and Congo. Le Vian says that their source of Chocolate Diamonds is the Argyle Diamond Mine , in Australia.

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Chocolate diamonds are also known as brown diamonds. They are formed naturally due to high pressure under the earth. The reasons they are referred to as chocolate diamonds is due to the reduced glimmer and are rated very low on the grading chart. They are found mainly in Australia (Argyle), Angola, Borneo, Brazil and the Congo.

Everything said, the original chocolate diamond from LeVian comes from the Rio Tinto mine in Australia. If there is another version to come, it may be just as beautiful ? but there?s nothing quite like the original sweetness of the chocolate diamond.

In the case of brown diamonds (and in them the specific shade referred as Chocolate), they are found mainly in Australia (Argyle), Angola, Borneo, Brazil and the Congo. According to Le-Vian, they source their brown diamonds from the Argyle Diamond Mine .

Let me tell you a little about what Chocolate Diamonds really are. They can be just as beautiful as colorless Diamonds however they are a fraction of the price and one of the more common forms of Diamonds found around the globe. Chocolate Diamonds is a trademarked name owned by the Le-Vian group to describe a lavish shade of brown Diamond. Found most commonly in Australia, Angola, Borneo, Brazil and the Congo.

Natural and Synthetic Formation. Rings, including one with chocolate diamonds. The color of natural chocolate diamonds is thought to be created by pressure surrounding them as they form, which causes irregular shapes in their molecular structure.

According to Rio Tinto, the mining company that owns the Argyle mine where Chocolate Diamonds come from, fewer than 1% of all polished diamonds produced in the world qualify as Chocolate Diamonds®. And the larger stones are even rarer.

For starters, the term “Chocolate Diamond” comes from the Le Vian Corporation. Le Vian trademarked the term and it seems that its origin originated wi. Continue Reading. Chocolate diamonds are a term that people are hearing more and more without when is comes to diamonds and gemstones.

Chocolate Diamonds® came from Le Vian® and was inspired by our friend Bill Furman’s passion and addiction to the food chocolate.

The name “chocolate” applies only to a particular color and grade of the brown diamond. Click to learn more about colored diamonds. The color itself is created by nitrogen particles that get trapped in the diamond crystal during formation.

Many of their "chocolate diamonds" were set in jewelry made from "Strawberry Gold ®" - a Le Vian gold alloy with a reddish color. Thirty years earlier these "Chocolate Diamonds ® " would have been crushed into abrasive granules.

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