Where do hauynes come from?

Alberto Hilpert asked a question: Where do hauynes come from?
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  • The source of most facetable haüynes, the area around Laacher See in the Eifel Mountains of Germany produces gem-quality, blue, transparent crystals. Afghanistan, Myanmar, and Tanzania also yield gem-quality material. Italy also produces beautiful blue crystals. However, this material is usually too small to cut.


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Steel Hauynes are collectables in Xenoblade Chronicles. They can be found in the Eryth Sea. According to their description, Reyn named them boldly and they are purple items that are both gemstone and steel. Location. Eryth Sea - the following location have the highest spawn rate (16%) for Steel Hauynes (night only): the lake inside the Hode Refuge

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Some imitations made of blue glass, weighing more than 5 carats, appeared on the markets in 2012, when Hauynes of gemstone quality of more than 1 carat are considered a rarity. Back. Chemical characteristics (Na,Ca)4-8 Al 6 [Si 6 (O,S) 2 4](SO 4,Cl) 1-2 complex silicate. Physical characteristics.

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The most well known sites for hauyne are the ancient volcanoes in Germany and Morocco. Major deposits are also found in the Lazio and Tuscany regions of West-Central Italy.

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Most of the hauynes are quite gemmy, and some show decent crystal form, though there are some contacted areas here and there. Best seen under magnification and just beautiful in person. Ex Kay Robertson Collection (#4615) ...

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This small cabinet specimen features multiple spots of intense blue hauyne measuring up to 3 mm across, which according to the label are sitting in sanidinite (an archaic term for volcanic rock containing sanidine) matrix. Most of the hauynes are quite gemmy, and some show decent crystal form, though there are some contacted areas here and there.

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Hauynophyres with blue hauynes are well known as beach pebbles and in stream sections but even Nkoumbou et al. (1995) have failed to locate them in situ. However, they have shown that the abundance of the hauyne increases upwards through the massif and that hauyne of the summit area is yellowish rather than blue.

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