Where do i find the diamonds for nabooti in poptropica?

Rosalee Prosacco asked a question: Where do i find the diamonds for nabooti in poptropica?
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✨ In poptropica what order do you put the diamonds on nabooti island?

I'll say it later. allmeallme: purple,green,red,white,blue it's not it is: yellow, orange, blue, white, red, green, and purple.

✨ How do you get the white gem on poptropica nabooti island?

how do you get the white gem on poptropica nabooti diamond mines

✨ What diamond is the right one for nabooti island from poptropica?

the one with the inscription on it.

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in th diamonds mine sillies

Head left and go inside the Nabooti African Museum in the tree. Inside there are lots of monuments of tribes from Africa. Walk to your left, fall down then walk to your right until you see the Nabooti Monument. Talk to the girl standing left of the statue. She will tell you the story of the five missing jewels.

Once you do, you will find yourself in a cave. Go to the pile of diamonds, and click on it. The Nabooti jewel is on the left. Take it, then go up through the hole. You will be on the plane, go to Nabooti. Putting the Jewels Back. Go to the museum and talk to the woman. She will tell you to put them in the correct order.

The diamond mines are near the southern tip of Africa. And it's true, South Africa is where the world's most diamonds are found. Make sure to wear your hard hat here! Go all the way right, past the huge mound. Go past the guy and then click on the switch to start the timer. Until the timer doesn't go off, the electrical fence is deactivated.

Nabooti Island is a lengthy quest in Poptropica that takes you across the continent of Africa on a very exciting adventure in search of several lost jewels with mysterious powers. In the course of this adventure, you’ll explore pyramids, go deep into a diamond mine, and even encounter strange ghosts from the past.

to find the green gem go to kaya forest. then give the empty shell the cactus fig.the turtle will move so there is a space under him and dig there.(if you have a shovel dont worry)

Diamond Mines:first trade the gold nugget from the tree in kaya forests with one of the nabooti traders for a camera then go to the safari and get 7 different GOOD animal pictures for zeke, he will give you a hard hat put it on and go to diamond mines, now you have to be fast, go over the mound to the circuit box thing and turn the fence off run up to the crane and fall into the crack in the crane then go over to the barrel and jump onto it and click enter all while the fence is ...

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First go to the Mesuem and talk to the woman next to the Nabooti Statue.Let her talk until u have an option.Say Yes and you get a map.Go tot he pilot and go to Taya place and go on the trees and get the piece of Gold.Then go to Nabooti and buy the camera from the guy.Then go to Safari and go to and talk to Zeke and talk to him.Take the pics

Question by emiko: Poptropica…Nabooti? How do you get passesed Nabooti, Giza, how to get the diamond out of the tomb? uhh..I really dont want to be rude but please dont ask me questions, Im asking the question… Best answer: Answer by Emily F how do you pass the part with the plane. Give your answer to this question below!

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Where is the ring on nabooti island?

The ring is atop the Sphinx at Giza. Putting the Moonstone in the ring will open the tomb. (see related question)

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Cheats for putting the diamonds in order in poptropica?

the order is purple green red white blue

Which order do the diamonds go in on poptropica?

Top to Bottom Purple Green Red White Blue Orange Yellow

Where is the diamond mine in nabooti island?

It is at the bottom of the map where it says Diamond Mines.