Where do you buy pixie diamonds on pixie hollow?

Lavon Johns asked a question: Where do you buy pixie diamonds on pixie hollow?
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✨ How do you get pixie diamonds in pixie hollow?

You have to buy them with real money. You can also become a member and they get free diamonds once a month (specifically the day they bought their membership) .

✨ How do you get pixie diamonds on pixie hollow?

By leveling up. You earn diamonds every level except for levels where you earn a new talent skill. The only other way is to buy them.

✨ How can you get free pixie diamonds in pixie hollow?

You can get them for free by getting to your next Talent Level Skills. You will get an amount between one and five based on the level you go up to. Once at a level that gives you diamonds, you will get them immediately. When you first fly into the hollow, you will get four free diamonds to start with.

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Hey! Honry here! If you mean buying Diamonds in the actual virtual world of Pixie Hollow, you can't. But if you want to buy Diamonds, go to the Purchase Options on the Home screen, and click in the Diamonds. If you have a credit card, choose the amount of Diamonds you want, and enter all the info. Once the Diamonds are purchased, enjoy! ~HoneyOnTheHollow

The diamonds are the fairies best friends! Pixie diamonds are a amazing way to get clothes, furniture, hairstyles and animal friends, wit...

Guys this is ABSOLUTELY NEW purchases of pixie diamonds and ofcourse MEMBERSHIP!!!!! like it, comment it, share it!!

You can use your Pixie Diamonds at any of the Hollow shops, including the brand-new Pixie Post Office in Neverfruit Grove! If you are hol,ow child and would like to sign up anyway, ask your parents permission to use their e-mail and especially to join. Rules of Joining. We consider this spam. If you do this, your 'sign' will not be accepted.

I love pixie diamonds! They are The best thing that has happened ever! I love them <3

You read that right – Double Diamond Days are here! Now through Sunday, June 10, get double the Pixie Diamonds when you buy them with your parent’s permission . The timing is pixie perfect, because the Queen’s Boutique has just added two new to-fly-for gowns.

Posted: feb 03 Diamond if you enter diamond, you will get 20 free diamonds. 17 Oct 2012 Pixie Hollow has closed for good, we should appreciate the times memberships starting from only 1.99$ only, with 30 diamonds every week! Hairdresser Cheats Moneytalks · Health Insurance . Pixie diamonds pixie hollow membership.

Pixie Hollow cheats, walkthrough, review, q&a, Pixie Hollow cheat codes, action replay codes, trainer, editors and solutions for PC. with new Pixie Hollow cheats If you can not find the needed cheat in our list, 4 answers pixie diamonds . 26 Apr 2014 Code Lyoko Facebook Game Cheats: - When I hear that song, I remember my younger days.

Well this time i'm going to tell you some tips on getting diamonds on pixie hollow.These tips are for members and free players! I know most of you may know this but this may help others! I hope this helps you even a litlle bit....

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How can you get free pixie diamonds without paying in pixie hollow?

By leveling up.

Are there any cheat codes for pixie hollow diamonds?

NO there are absolutely NO codes for pixie diamonds the ONLY way to get pixie diamonds is to option 1: play games on pixie hollow and earn talent points to get level ups and every time u get a level up you get diamonds! or option 2: Buy diamonds. its your choice but to tell the truth I would stick with getting talent points cuz diamonds are a lot of real money.

Can you sell things on pixie hollow for diamonds?

I don't think so

How do you get free diamonds on pixie hollow?

Bye leveling up your fairy & or fairies.

How do you get more diamonds on pixie hollow?

You buy them, or level up... You either get a talent skill or diamonds.

How do you get free pixie diamonds other than leveling up on pixie hollow?

You get it by buying it. Or go on a cheat website.

Do you get diamonds when you level up in pixie hollow?

Yes you do. I got 2 diamonds for leveling up. :) Hope this helped!

How can you get 200 diamonds in pixie hollow for free?

You cannot. You must pay for diamonds or level up.

How do you buy stuff on pixie hollow without using diamonds?

You can only buy if you are a member.

How can you get a more diamonds for free in pixie hollow?

Easy, you have to get talent points and when you level up you either get a skill or diamonds.or use codeEPCN0KJ4SV9KY3BR

How can you get pixie hollow diamonds on your email or gmail?

You can't get diamonds on your email. You have to trade for them or pay for them.

How do you get 100 diamonds in one day on pixie hollow?

The only way that would be possible is by buying them. You can only earn 75 diamonds when you level up all the way.

How do you get free diamonds on pixie hollow in 1 min?

You can't.

How can you get more diamonds on pixie hollow with out buying them?

Level up and in level one you get 2 Free diamonds. Check in your leaf book!

How do you get diamonds without paying in them on pixie hollow com?

You can trade for them, earn them by leveling up, or get them in a monthly/weekly member allowance.

How much are pixie diamonds?

50 Pixie Diamonds- $3.00115 Pixie Diamonds- $7.00240 Pixie Diamonds- $15.00585 Pixie Diamonds- $35.00

How many diamonds can you get if you are not a member in pixie hollow?

Well you get seven at first when you create a fairy. You can buy diamonds too.

How do you get free pixie diamonds on pixie holllow?

As you level up, you get more pixie diamonds. You do NOT get diamonds for every level, but the total you can get (if you reach talent master 28) is 72 diamonds.

Are there any pixie hollow diamond codes that work?

There are diamond codes that work, but they are not cheat codes. You would have to get them from a site that is working with Disney for a promotion. These codes only work once.

When you click a basket in the corner in pixie hollow do you get free diamonds?


How do you tradeingredients for a diamond on pixie hollow?

You can't trade a diamond for a ingredient. Diamonds are not a ingredient, there like ecoins on fantage.

How do you get free pixie diamonds?

You get Free Pixie Diamonds by leveling up. Other ways you can get Pixie diamonds, is by becoming a member where they give you monthly pixie diamonds, you can buy 100, 200 pixie diamonds too.

How do you get diamonds on pixie hallow?

There are 3 ways to get diamonds on pixie hollow.

  1. Buy a one-year membership and receive 14 each month.
  2. Buy pixie diamonds from the site.
  3. Level up and receive free diamonds each 2 levels you level up.
How can you get free pixie diamonds on pixiehollow?

You need to get talent points by sewing and things

How do you get free diamonds for pixie hallow?

You first go to party's and then we have tubes on top of the page once it's full you can get free diamonds