Where do you find base jewelry in oblivion?

Aron Zboncak asked a question: Where do you find base jewelry in oblivion?
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  • Base Jewelry (base rings, base amulets, and base necklaces) can be found at level 1 instead of level 4 in several boss level chests. Detect Life Helmet will always be found in one chest in Swampy Cave; if you go there at level 5 and below you will find either the Deer Skin Helmet or the Helmet of Arkay.


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The Imperial City Market District has the best spread of shops overall (as far as I know). The best price you can receive for any item is governed by your Mercantile Skill (Personality Attribute)...

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Enchanted Jewelry is jewelry that has been enchanted with one or more spells, normally from the Restoration or Illusion school, which produce their magic effects when worn. In the Inventory menu, an info box shows the jewelry's magical effect.

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