Where does malachite come from?

Noemi Haag asked a question: Where does malachite come from?
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  • Most of the solid Malachite comes from the Congo in Africa. However Malachite is often found with other copper ores, such as Chrysocolla , or Azurite. A well know source of Malachite, both in mineral or cutting grade, is the copper mining districts in Zaire and Namibia .
  • Today malachite is a scarcer material and the most important producer is the Congo (formerly known as Zaire).
  • Malachite often results from the supergene weathering and oxidation of primary sulfidic copper ores, and is often found with azurite (Cu 3 (CO 3) 2 (OH) 2 ), goethite, and calcite. Except for its vibrant green color, the properties of malachite are similar to those of azurite and aggregates of the two minerals occur frequently.

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