Where does peridot gemstone come from?

Garth Huel asked a question: Where does peridot gemstone come from?
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Although most of the peridot seen in jewelry today comes from sources such as China, Myanmar, Pakistan, Tanzania, Vietnam and the United States, some journied to Earth on meteorites while others are found in exotic locales like Peridot Beach, Hawaii, where the sands shimmer a luminous green.

The largest and most beautiful samples of peridot come from the border area between Pakistan and Afghanistan. Peridot is also found in Myanmar, China, the U.S., Africa, Australia, and recently in Vietnam.

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The ancient Egyptians mined peridot on the Red Sea island of Zabargad, the source for many large fine peridots in the world’s museums. The Egyptians called it the “gem of the sun.” Today this gem is still prized for its restful yellowish green hues and long history.

The gem forms part of the olivine family and is sourced from the peridotite rock. The peridot gemstone is found in meteorites, lava and within the earth’s mantle. This implies that some of these peridot stones are ancient, with some saying that they are a by-product of the birth of our solar system.

Where does Peridot Come From? Most of the peridot seen in jewelry today comes from China, Myanmar, Pakistan, Tanzania, Vietnam, and the United States. Some peridot journeyed to Earth on meteorites. Most peridot is formed deep in the earth.

The origins of peridot are quite amazing. As a type of olivine, a mineral that nature provides in abundance, peridot has fiery origins because it comes from lavas. We know of only two gemstones that come from lava versus the earths crust -- diamond and peridot.

Peridot is a beautiful, colorful, quite brilliant gemstone and it is also quite a special gem. An amazing fact about peridot is that it is also a gemstone from outer space! It has been found in meteorites that have fallen to Earth from deep space. Indeed, peridot has further extraterrestrial properties.

Most Peridots occur in lava rocks, but the gemstone has – in its basic form – been discovered in meteorites as well! The most precious and valuable Peridots are found in Burma and Pakistani. However, the majority of commercial Peridots come from USA, China, Vietnam and South Africa. Peridot Prices – How much does a Peridot cost?

This Peridot variety is named after the Changbai mountain range from where it is mined, in the northeast of China. These mountains run along the border between China and North Korea. There are several Peridot deposits in Manchuria, which is the name for this general area that covers several Chinese provinces and parts of Russia too.

Most gemstones are formed in earth's crust, but peridot is formed much deeper in the mantle region. Peridot crystals form in magma from the upper mantle and are brought to the surface by tectonic or volcanic activity where they are found in extrusive igneous rocks.

It is possible to find Peridot in various shades of green and yellow, from olive green, yellowish-green, honey, red and brownish. It is a popular choice for gemstone jewelry and is actually a member of the Olivine Minerals group, thought to be an important component of the Earth’s mantle.

The finest large peridots come from Myanmar— formerly Burma—and, more recently, from a source high in the Himalayas of Pakistan. More-standard sizes and qualities come mostly from the United States (Arizona) and China. The peridot crystals weigh 128.82 and 393.83 carats, while the cut stones weigh 18.50 to 64.61 carats.

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